Daniel Saccoccio

Daniel Saccoccio

Daniel Saccoccio

Couple Therapist and Mediator

Therapy should always be a process in which you feel understood, respected and accepted.

Daniel trusts that counselling can transform people relationships and lives; for others, it can help to move forward with more confidence and less anxiety.

Daniel is a fully qualified, Person-Centred Individual and Couple Counsellor (BA Hons) and has been trained by the Relate as a relationship counsellor and couples mediator.

Daniel can help with....

If you would like to get in touch with Daniel please email or call 0333 987 5234 or

Relationship Counselling offers support through major relationship crises or smaller issues making you unhappy

I am an experienced Relate trained relationship counsellor. I work providing a safe space for you to explore the issues that bring you to individual therapy. In both in marriage and individual counselling you are given a chance to explore and look at the root of the problem as well as developing the skills and capacity to manage. 

The focus of couple therapy sessions is never on one partner or the other. The emphasis is on the relationship between you. Both of you will have a chance to speak and be heard.

I discovered therapy later in life, after a professional. I was a 45 year old father and husband running a successful business when I lost it all, and this put great stress on my marriage.  Overwhelmed, I went to see a therapist and he really helped me get through this painful time. I understand how difficult it can be when life runs aground- suddenly and I hope that I can offer this bigger perspective as a therapist now.

Much of my counselling work since qualifying has been with individuals, couples and young people. I often work with parents to explore family dynamics.

I adhere to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist code of ethics and I treat all information you give me as confidential

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