Gen Muresan

Gen Muresan

Individual and Couples Counsellor

Individual Counselling £90 / Couples Counselling £110


Gen has been a qualified psychologist for over 20 years and has an extensive experience in family and couple therapy as well as individual counselling.

She specialised working as a military psychologist for 12 years and has wide knowledge in this field. Gen has worked with people struggling with their mental health conditions and, most recently worked with those who are struggling due to Coronavirus. With a lot of experience with children who have disabilities, she has provided support and help to families.

Gen uses an integrative approach to her therapy, where she combines the humanistic side with psychodynamic and CBT in a harmonious and effective way.

She is empathetic and deeply respectful of where her clients are at allowing them to feel safe and valued at all times.

Gen can help with: Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, support around Covid, Counselling and Support for Veterans and families in the Army.

Gen Muresan can help with...

If you would like to get in touch with Gen Muresan please email or call 020 3930 1007 or

About me and my therapy practice

As family and couple counsellor – Masters Degree 2008 – developed skills in helping active and reservist soldiers and their families who had difficulties mainly due to the military environment deprivations.

I am a Relate trained couple counsellor, and for Special Intervention Service created by Relate due to pandemic crisis helping people who are impacted by Covid. 

 I have always practiced and applied the generosity/gratefulness psychology which is bringing up in our brain the chemicals responsible of altruism/cooperation giving us lower rates of anxiety/depression/conflict – much better mental health. 

I graduated as a psychologist in 1997, I have worked 12 years as a military psychologist and 3 years with children with different disabilities including autism. I have also a nursing background working in this field for 10 years with eating disorders, IAPT, endoscopy, neonatal, old people, psychiatry. 

I am methodical and well organized approach, courteous, with ability to cope under pressure, ambitious and result driven. I like to treat people with empathy and care, respecting my word making them to feel safe and valued as individuals. 

 I am effective in my work, responsible and able to take action in accordance with personality of the patient/client.  

In our way to find the freedom and meaning of life, I would like to bring some light in the client’s horizons alongside that emotional agility where we can reconnect using compassion, with our emotions and courage to live our lives to the full.

As a military psychologist I became highly experienced in critical event debriefing, suicide/violence prevention, trauma, risk assessment and risk management, professional stress management, staff/patients counselling and psycho education groups/workshops. Used to work independently and also as an active part of MDT I can handle a complex caseload. My approach is always eclectic combining the humanistic side with psychodynamic and CBT in a harmonious and effective way. 

During this difficult time we treat people with compassion and we try to teach them the concept of tragic optimism where all of us we accept the given conditions with realism, learning to survive in our post traumatic growth which will redefine our happiness at the end of this crisis , as Victor Frankl said. 

I have worked with clients on time limited agreements of 6/12 weeks and open-ended counselling. I have worked with a wide range of presenting issues including common mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, health related issues, self esteem, service veterans, spirituality, stress, women’s issues, addictions, trust issues, self esteem, grief, relationship issues and trauma. 

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