Bereavement Counselling London

Bereavement or grief can be devastating and is something we all experience at some point in our lives. The grief process is unique for everyone: you may be struggling to come to terms with your loss or think your relationships are under pressure as a result of different ways of experiencing the grieving process. Bereavement counselling London can help to provide insights into behaviour and emotions following loss and grief, both for individuals and for those around them.

Grieving is a transitional period that can last a very long time, especially when it is suppressed or avoided due to being too painful or overwhelming. Grief can be overwhelming, numbing, difficult, emotional and sometimes erratic or impulsive. Many turn inwards and become reflective during grief, struggling with blame, guilt and regrets. Bereavement counselling London can help you recognise. process and accept a loss., helping you to remember in a healthy and realistic way

Many experience symptoms of grief or bereavement that can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. These include but are not limited to:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Isolation and Loneliness
  • Angry outbursts
  • Lethargy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Insomnia
  • Hyperactivity

When attended to, bereavement or loss can help individuals come to terms with existential realities like the fragility of life and the value and importance of making the most of life and relationships. Although bereavement and grief are not a positive experience, bereavement counselling London can help individuals to reframe their experience and positively reconstruct the narrative. At the Leone Centre, our foremost concern will be to help you manage the experience of loss, providing support and the tools that will help with the process of grief.  

What Is Grief?

Bereavement and grief can take many shapes, but grief is the mental and emotional reaction to loss. Often, grief is how we describe the process of coming to terms with losing a loved one, but we can experience grief when we feel the emotional loss of anything in our lives, from the loss of a friendship to a miscarriage and fertility concerns or divorce.

Unfortunately, grief is not a simple ‘sadness’ that fades quickly. Bereavement counselling London will help individuals understand that grief is a process and it will take time to go through. Leone Centre’s bereavement counselling London can support individuals or couples at every step of their journey. We strive to provide you with the insight and foundations to grow from this transition or experience.  

There is no ‘right way’ or correct timeframe to process loss and everyone will have a different reaction. Whilst the 7 stages of grief are widely recognised, the landscape of loss and grief is extremely complex. Many people feel a numbness and withdraw from those around them and others might reactive and anxious. Often grief is experienced in waves and it can feel extremely overwhelming and consuming. Bereavement counselling London will help individuals understand their emotional response to loss.

Getting Grief Help

Grief is a perfectly natural response to dramatic change or loss in anyone’s life. As such, we understand that it can be hard to ask for grief help.

Bereavement is an extremely sensitive time, but our qualified and experienced associates are adept at creating a constructive environment that encourages individuals to explore the natural process. It is often harder for men to ask for grief help than it is for women. All those who have experienced a loss can benefit from bereavement counselling London.

There is no timescale for grief and Bereavement counselling London can help those who continue to struggle even after weeks, months or years have passed. There is no appropriate time scale for grief and the mind can often delay a reaction or repress the emotions for years. It is important that individuals do not compare their grief with those around them; pressuring yourself to ‘keep up’ or ‘get back to normal’ in the same time as those around you forces many people to turn to substances or destructive behaviour. Alternatively, you might find yourself unable to cope with daily life in the same way, experiencing anxiety or irrational fears or phobias as a result of the trauma of loss. In individual psychotherapy or energy works, our experienced team will aim to help you live your life, however it looks after the transition of loss.

The Leone Centre are able to work in couples or marriage counselling sessions to help make sense of the loss of a child or a loved one. Bereavement counselling London is part of the process when a couple joins us for divorce counselling. If you have decided to end your relationship, we can help you come to terms with the end of the marriage, accept responsibility or build a foundation to begin moving forwards. Alternatively, relationship counselling can help you reconnect and rebuild connections that may have been damaged as a result of your grief.

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