Social Media and Internet – Connected or Addicted?

Tasha Colbert

Tasha Colbert

Supervisor and Trainer

As a supervisor, trainer and author, Tasha Colbert offers parent coaching, movement psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and Continuining Professional Development workshops for therapists, Tasha utilises different therapeutic approaches and she is experienced in working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, body image issues, parenting challenges and more.

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Cristina Vrech

Cristina Vrech

Individual & Couple Therapist, Corporate Services


As the co-founder of the Leone Centre, Cristina Vrech directs the individual therapy, couples’ therapy and Energy Work services.

Her extensive experience in various counselling and therapy specialities offers valuable knowledge to her clients and the Leone Centre.

Working across all the landscapes of relationships, communication, stress, infidelity, parenting, confidence, loneliness, addiction, separation and divorce, IVF and anxiety, she takes a direct and supportive approach to counselling for every client.

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Rossella Iannotti

Rossella Iannotti

Individual Gestalt Therapist


With experience of counselling in the NHS in London and holding the belief in the healing power of self-compassion and love, Rossella takes a holistic approach to providing every one of her clients with a safe space. Rossella offers online face-to-face counselling in English and Italian. By building up a confidential, supportive space, she helps clients to explore and overcome life’s blocks and challenges. With experience across anxiety, depression, panic attacks, low self-esteem, guilt and obsessive behaviours, Rossella will support and work with empathy and experience.

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Alison Wragg

Alison Wragg

Organisational Wellness & Health Consultant, Certified MBTI Practitioner & Integrative Couple Therapist


Alison Wragg is the Lead Consultant for our Corporate and Consultancy services. Alison holds specialist knowledge in cultivating relational intelligence with individuals and couples and in challenging workplace dynamics, leadership and executive coaching and organisational consultancy.  An experienced integrative therapist, couple and marriage counsellor, organisational development consultant, trainer, visiting lecturer and facilitator, Alison has extensive experience in working in depth with individuals, couples and teams who are experiencing relational difficulties and challenging home and /or workplace dynamics.

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Stelios Christodoulou

Stelios Christodoulou

Individual & Couple Therapist


With 20 years experience as a therapist, Stelios is a registered member of the BACP, an experienced individual and couples counsellor and counselling service coordinator.

He is a supervisor and therapy groups facilitator.

Originally trained in Gestalt Therapy he has gone on to develop an integrative way of working with couples and individuals.

His work with couples is informed by an attachment-based approach to relationship counselling. He has developed extensive knowledge and experience in supporting couples who seek help with difficulties in their relationships.

He has worked in various settings in the voluntary sector and the NHS and has considerable knowledge of how addictions and mental health issues impact on couple relationships.

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William Conant

William Conant

Individual & Couple Therapist


A very experienced couple counsellor, William Conant works with individial clients and couples who are struggling with communication and are experiencing relational and/or sexual issues including male impotence and erectile dysfunction.

William is a highly valued and knowledgeable member of the Leone Centre team and has a special interest in working with individuals and couples on Intimacy and communication Issues, individual and couple psychosexual difficulties, divorce and separation, affairs and betrayals and also couple whose relationship has been negatively impacted by illness.

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Louise Kiely-Crane

Individual and Couple Therapist


With over 20 years of experience working with families, Louise is a Couples Counsellor, Individual Therapist and Parenting Facilitator.

Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) she works psychodynamically helping individuals, couples and blended families with communication and understanding. She has also experience to work helping people in a process of divorcing and separating

Louise wide professional experience includes Parenting Programmes and Women’s Wellbeing Workshops as well as working intensively with various client groups. Louise has trained as a Psychotherapeutic counsellor and enjoys working with couples within an attachment based approach. She is trained in delivering Self-Esteem and Wellbeing courses.

Using different approaches to build on the strengths of the couple she facilitates the building of resilience by using different strategies. She uses a coaching approach to help communication  and developing empathetic listening in a nurturing and emotionally focussed way.

She has worked in various settings within the Charity and Children and Families sector and has considerable knowledge on Loss and Bereavement, Parenting issues, Mental health and Addiction, Relationship issues and Childhood Trauma.

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Olena Baeva

Individual and Couples / Marriage Counsellor


Olena Baeva (MA, MBACP) is a counselling psychologist specialising in individual and couples therapy.

As a practitioner, she is warm, compassionate and diversity affirming, allowing for all the qualities and unexplored aspects of her clients to emerge and be validated.

Olena has trained with Relate in couple and relationship counselling.

She developed an early interest in physics and maths, studied psychology and business administration as an undergraduate. Later, she studied creativity and innovation in children through to adulthood for her Master’s degree, continuing her academic focus into relationship counselling and autism.

Most of her work is with people dealing with trauma, life changes and relationship issues.

Olena has a strong interest in helping those who are themselves autistic or a partner of an autistic/neurodivergent person.

She has extensive academic training in various therapeutic modalities and tailors her approach to each individual. Through her experience with a vast array of individuals she has developed her ethos with one important lesson among many; as the psychoanalyst Harry Stack Sullivan said, “We are all more human than otherwise.”

Olena can also offer counselling in Russian.

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Suzanne Stafford

Suzanne Stafford

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist


Suzanne is a UKCP registered psychotherapist with 17 years of experience working with adults in private practice and in a counselling organisation working with young adults. She offers both long term individual psychotherapy and short term counselling at Leone Centre.

Suzanne has extensive experience and knowledge in working with people with anxiety and panic, stress, bereavement, shame, sexual abuse, rape, relationships, depression and many other kinds of challenges life can present us with, she perceives life crises as an opportunity for growth and transformation.

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Gen Muresan

Individual and Couples Counsellor


Gen has been a qualified psychologist for over 20 years and has an extensive experience in family and couple therapy as well as individual counselling.

She specialised working as a military psychologist for 12 years and has wide knowledge in this field. Gen has worked with people struggling with their mental health conditions and, most recently worked with those who are struggling due to Coronavirus. With a lot of experience with children who have disabilities, she has provided support and help to families.

Gen uses an integrative approach to her therapy, where she combines the humanistic side with psychodynamic and CBT in a harmonious and effective way.

She is empathetic and deeply respectful of where her clients are at allowing them to feel safe and valued at all times.

Gen can help with: Individual Counselling, Couples Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, support around Covid, Counselling and Support for Veterans and families in the Army.

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Dawn Brearly

Dawn Brearley

Individual & Couple/Relationship Online Counsellor


Dawn is a person-centred counsellor who works with individuals and couples. She is a registered member of the BACP and offers both short and long-term online counselling.

Dawn favours a humanistic approach and likes to establish an atmosphere of warmth and empathy in sessions. This allows individual clients to open up in a safe space and work at their own pace. Dawn believes in building up trust and so empowering clients to process difficult feelings and find a positive way forward.

Dawn trained with Relate as a relationship/couples counsellor and has worked with several national organisations in this specialist area. She places an importance on providing a platform for both partners to talk and listen to each other in sessions while remaining neutral and non-judgemental.

Dawn has an MA in Victorian Literature and worked in assurance and compliance before being drawn to re-train as a counsellor.  Her counselling interests focus on bereavement, loss and relationship issues.

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Rachel Edinborough

Individual and Couples Counsellor


Individual and Couples Counsellor, author, supervisor and service manager, Rachel has over 10 years’ experience as a therapist.

Originally trained in the Person-Centred approach, Rachel has gone on to use an integrative approach to counselling with individuals, couples, and families.

Rachel is trained in various modalities to offer a blended approach to therapeutically support a wide range of issues both individual and relational; these include Solution-Focused and Systemic Practice.

She has extensive experience counselling in private practice and within a charitable organisation in a leadership and supervisory role and counselling youth, adults, families, and couples. With experience across anxiety, depression, conflict, poor communication, affairs, family breakdown, financial challenges, alcohol/drug addiction, lack of intimacy, parenting differences, stress, bereavement/loss, career change, abuse, and many others.

Helping individuals to develop autonomy and self-awareness.

Rachel values creating a warm and safe space for a couple to feel heard and share, whilst also maintaining neutrality and respecting differences. She helps couples to improve their communication with each other and their wider systems through exploring new meaning and understanding.

Rachel offers long-term and short-term online counselling and is a registered member of the BACP.

Rachel Edinborough can help with...

When does Social Media use become and addiction?

2020: The year of lockdown, working from home, zoom quizzes and TikTok. The year we socialised online like never before. 

There’s a lot to be learned from COVID-19. Our relationship with the planet, fear and panic… the importance of boundaries. But if there is one thing that has certainly been highlighted; it’s how adaptable we are. Not to mention how much we need physical contact. 

More and more aspects of our lives are taking place online. The impact of this transformation and digital advances are continuously being understood, interpreted and developed. 

Technology’s Role in Counselling

Counselling & Psychotherapy in its traditional nature is evolving at its core. From the couch to the camera, counselling is more accessible than ever – in so many ways. 

Addiction Counselling at Leone Centre
When does social media become more than means for connection?

There’s no doubt that internet, technology and social media platforms benefit us and have huge potential in our evolution as a species. Social media is a platform for establishing new connection and maintaining ongoing relationships; we can transcend geographical and physical limitations, express our creativity and network in ways which were once impossible. 

But where do we draw the line? And who chooses where the line is drawn? Whose responsibility is it? …and does counselling for addiction work?

Social media addiction has been of conversation recently and as a self-care exercise. It is important to explore your own relationship with your social media use so you can take responsibility in defining your own line.

As with all compulsive behaviours and addictions it can be difficult to distinguish at first, whether usage is causing more damage than good. Like with any addiction, it may be causing short term pleasure with longer term harm. Though with a short sight (lack of awareness) it might be difficult to see. 

Dr Gabor Mate defines addiction…

‘Addiction  is manifested in any behaviour that a person craves, finds temporary relief or pleasure in but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and yet has difficulty giving up.’ 

To begin ask yourself honestly: 

What happens when I set limits and boundaries on my internet and social media use?  

What is my relationship with social media – what aspects help me feel good, what aspects produce negative affects? 

Does social media fuel my insecurities and anxieties? How can I alter this? 

Do I feel a compulsion or craving to use internet and social media? Has my social media usage become excessive? 

Is my relationship with social media distracting me from other important areas in my life? 

Whilst it is fair to say that social media is an invaluable tool helping us connect, it cannot replace human interaction. There’s a reason that we all miss the hugs, are fed up of the social restrictions and never want to do a zoom quiz again….   

 ‘Likes’ cannot replace love… but what happens when they do? 


If you are interested in exploring your own relationship with social media our addictions therapists are available for work both online and face-to-face at our Fulham, Putney Bridge studios. For further information on Leone Centre Counselling for Addiction Service, we are here to answer your questions at

At Leone Centre, your care is our highest concern. We are trusted providers of quality counselling & psychotherapy for over 12 years.

All Leone Centre therapists are members of BACP / UKCP professional bodies