Work and Career Counselling

It is estimated that between half and a fifth of UK adults are unhappy or dissatisfied in their current positions.  Employment health and satisfaction in the workplace can be seriously underestimated by individuals and corporations. The psychological and physiological impact of the workplace can be stressful as is invades boundaries and creeps into domestic lives. However,  work stimulates social esteem, cognitive needs and contributes to our feelings of fulfilment. This means that giving up work can be just as harmful to our emotional and mental wellbeing as unsatisfactory and stressful workplaces. Effective career counselling can help you negotiate difficult career decisions and understand how dissatisfaction, frustration or confidence has become rooted in your work environment.

Work related issues that can benefit from career counselling include:

  • Unhealthy work / life balance
  • Work related stress
  • Begin actively pursuing a suitable career
  • Overcome blockages in your professional life
  • Struggles with internal communication
  • Struggles with public speaking

Deciding to give attention to any issue in your work and career can be beneficial at so many levels.

At Leone Centre, in addition to counselling and psychotherapy, we use tools such as EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting and the Myers Briggs Personality Test to build an understanding of your strengths, qualities and needs. This enables us to work with you to achieve a positive balance of a gratifying career that provides a sense of purpose and responsibilities and challenges in the workplace.

It is important to understand that every career, personal journey and personality is unique; what is working for your colleagues is not necessarily going to be as successful for you. At the Leone Centre, we support you to feel empowered to make meaningful choices and to understand what is important for you so that you can move towards self-actualisation and satisfaction in your career. Our work and career counselling London sessions will help you make important choices regarding your role and recognise and deal with bullying. Most of all, counselling can help to understand why you might find yourself in familiar roles or situations and assist you to make freer choices. Our registered counsellors will work with you to untangle your concerns and to help you move towards a more fulfilling and emotionally/mentally rewarding workplace.

Career counselling can also be used to specifically help with work-related stress. In modern life, it can be harder than ever to implement boundaries between our work and home lives. Leone Centre’s work and career counselling London services can help you establish balance in your life to achieve a harmonious professional and private stability.

What Are The Benefits Of Work and Career Counselling?

Work and careers involve a fine and complex relational balance a bit like building a relationship; there are moments where you might become lost frustrated or stuck, despite working at your best, even in a role you love. Most of the adult workforce experience dissatisfaction at some stage in their careers and even a temporary unhappiness at work will impact relationships, confidence, self-esteem or even trigger depression. Work and career counselling can help you make vital decisions, break unhelpful habits and negotiate or deal with conflict or bullying in the workplace.

It is also recognised that periods of employment dissatisfaction might be the trigger of impulsive decisions, behaviour or conflicts. Unfortunately, people often experienced systematic or individual workplace bullying or stressful conflicts; we understand how this can be anxiety provoking and worrying. At Leone Centre we work to empower individuals to manage these issues. Our work and career counselling techniques help to develop new skills and implement mechanisms that can encourage emotional, mental and workplace success.

What Is Work and Career Counselling London At Leone Centre?

 Work and career counselling with Leone Centre aims to offer insights, understanding, ways to feel more empowered and help you to overcome blockages in your career path.  Our approach is collaborative and interactive but always bear in mind that everyone is different and needs a personalised and individual approach.

 Our integrative counsellors also have an extensive understanding of group dynamics, improving overall communication skills in the workplace for individuals and for entire teams. Leone Centre’s knowledgeable and adaptive approaches have improved the environment for many workplaces.

Our work and career counselling London improves relationships with the self and others.

 Leone Centre has also worked with many executives, CEO’s and leading managers of prominent UK and international businesses. Our Executive and Leadership Coaching and Systems-Psychodynamic approach offer insightful understanding and analysis to understand workplace dynamics. We can also offer MBTI personality testing, EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting as well as counselling and psychotherapy. 

If you are frustrated, underwhelmed, overwhelmed, feel unappreciated, stressed, anxious or growing increasingly detached from your job or relationships, get in touch with Leone Centre for an initial consultation to understand how we can help you better your careers, and your overall self-satisfaction or confidence.