Counselling Rooms


Counselling Rooms

Our counselling and therapy rooms reflect our ethos; that a safe, secure and nurturing environment is essential for the therapeutic process.

The therapeutic space isn’t just a room; it acts as a vessel for exploration, providing the holding essential for self-development and healing, spontaneity and creativity.

In the same way providing a plant with the correct environmental conditions and requirements is essential in order for it to create, blossom and fulfil its potential, the therapeutic environment has to offer the right conditions to foster healthy growth and development.

The therapeutic space provides containership for both client and counsellor in order for the therapeutic relationship to develop engineering growth, change, insight and healing. We know the importance of this – Leone Centre counselling rooms offer a secure healing environment, in line with the reparative and developmental nature of counselling so you can really get in touch with your full potential.

Client testimonials:

‘The room was cosy and warm and I felt safe so I could really relax which was especially important when I was working through difficult issues”

‘lovely room, I will miss it!’