Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual (Sex) Therapy


Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual Therapy or Sex Therapy helps to resolve problems and issues relating to sex. It might be a general loss of interest in sex or apparent difficulties such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, vaginismus or difficulty climaxing, difficulties with sex following surgery or illness, porn addiction or sex addiction.

Psychosexual therapy is a talking therapy. It doesn’t involve physical interaction between you and the therapist or removing your clothes, which is a common misconception.

We aim to establish the highest standards in specialized Psychosexual and Relationship Therapies. Our commitment lies in ensuring that these therapies are rooted in the best practices and principles, providing unparalleled quality and effectiveness for individuals seeking support in their psychosexual and relationship well-being. Regardless of your specific reason for looking for psychosexual therapy, it can sometimes be a complex topic to talk about, so it’s important to know that the Leone Centre BACP and UKCP and COSRT registered Counsellors and Psychosexual Therapists are experienced and meet all the required professional standards.

Psychosexual therapy can be very effective in resolving issues around sex for individuals and couples. Our team of Psychosexual therapists specialises in addressing psychosexual issues. Aligned with the ethos of all our counselling services, they extend non-judgmental support aimed at assisting you in resolving your concerns. We are here to provide a safe and understanding space to help you understand and overcome any challenges you may be facing.

Who is Psychosexual Therapy or Sex Therapy for?

Psychosexual therapy in London or Online is available for anyone who wants to access it, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, relationship status, or cultural or religious background.

Working with a psychosexual therapist involves exploring the various physical, psychological, emotional and environmental causes that are contributing to your sexual issues.

Psychosexual Therapy can help - man sat holding brow sat on the end of a bed
Issues around sex can be difficult to talk about

Sexual problems are common and the best way to deal with them is through talking.

Psychosexual Counselling and Psychotherapy can help with loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, addiction to pornography, arousal disorders, dyspareunia and vulvodynia, vaginismus, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, sexual dysfunctions, interruptions to sex life following illness or surgery, such as prostate or cervical cancer.

Whether it’s via individual counselling, couples counselling or relationship counselling, addressing sexual issues is an important part of wellbeing. In instances where the root problem is found to be psychological and emotional, we will work with you to help understand and work through such issues. The aim is that if you work through the emotional issues the physical symptoms will also improve.

What to expect

An assessment appointment is booked initially as an opportunity for you to understand how the therapist works and to ask any questions you have. At this appointment you can also discuss how best to work together going forward and for you and the therapist to understand what your needs and goals are.

You will discuss the therapeutic boundaries and contract which lays out what you can expect from Leone Centre, your therapist and what we ask of you as a client.

If you choose to continue, further sessions will be booked, either in a block of 6 or on a more ongoing basis according to your needs.

Psychosexual Therapy FAQs

I think I got addicted to porn during the lockdown. Can I talk with a sex therapist about porn addiction?

Yes. A therapist can help to understand porn addiction and whether a person is addicted to porn. In psychosexual therapy, you have the opportunity to explore more profound issues and the difference between healthy use of pornography and addiction and begin your journey towards more choice and freedom.

I find sex painful; can psychosexual therapy help?

During psychosexual therapy sessions, the therapists will listen to the issues experienced by the client and assess whether the cause is likely to be psychological, physical or a combination of the two.

The sessions work by exploring previous experiences to get a better understanding and determine the reason the issue may be occurring. The therapist may also give you exercises and tasks to do with your partner in your own time. Each therapy session is confidential and can be attended by an individual or a couple.

Does psychosexual therapy involve a physical examination?

No. Psychosexual therapy – also referred to as sex therapy – sessions are a talking-based therapy designed to help address and overcome sexual problems and do not involve any physical examinations or physical touch. Sexual problems can include low libido, painful sex, sexual identity, physical changes experienced after childbirth or menopause, erectile difficulties, illnesses and past trauma.

How experienced are the psychosexual therapists at Leone Centre?

All the Leone Centre Therapists have experience in their particular fields and are BACP and UKCP, AFT and COSRT (college of sexual and relationship therapist) registered.

Just as an example: one of our psychosexual therapists at the Leone Centre – Lynn Buckley – has 37 years of experience within the NHS and an abundance of knowledge when it comes to sex therapy. Lynn is COSRT (college of sexual and relationship therapist) accredited & UKCP registered. Lynn has previous experience in nursing including specialising in particular cancers and education and many years’ experience within psychosexual therapy. Lynn works with individuals and couples going through sexual difficulties, including menopause, gender, sexuality, out-of-control sexual behaviour, trauma recovery and sexual rehabilitation.


Talk with a Leone Centre Professional

If you do feel like you need some help and support, our Leone Centre professionals are available 7 days a week. Call us on 020 3930 1007. We can also provide fast track therapy.

We can offer in-person counselling in London appointments at our head office in Fulham and our offices in Kensington, Wimbledon and Belgravia, We also service Victoria, Putney, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and City of London.

In addition, we offer Online Therapy appointments wherever in the world you are located, should this better fit around your existing commitments or if you are not able to attend an in-person appointment.