Addiction Therapy


Addiction Therapy

At Leone Centre, we offer you Addiction Therapy to help if you have become addicted to a substance or a behaviour and you wish to change this.

First Steps towards Recovery  

Has your addiction become your strongest relationship taking centre stage in your life? Do you often feel overwhelmed and your life is becoming more and more chaotic?

The first step towards getting help is usually the hardest one. We know well the complexities and challenges of addictions and we offer therapy and counselling to family, friends and in relationship to people struggling with addictions. Addiction takes many forms impacting in many different ways.

The effects of addiction and addictive tendencies can be devastating: some are obviously and visibly damaging and some can be scarcely noticed.

Here at the Leone Centre, our experienced therapists are here to provide Addiction Therapy support wherever and whenever you need it most. We understand how lonely a place it can be struggling with an addiction, and how difficult it can be choosing to seek help, support or advice.

Addictions are often connected with anxiety and maladaptive ways of managing stress, trauma, depression and low confidence and self esteem. Relationships, marriages, careers and physical health are often negatively impacted by addictions.

Whatever the type of addiction you may have – whether it be social media, drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, etc. – our centre’s therapists are highly trained by the relevant governing bodies to deal with a wide variety of issues, utilising their substantial expertise to help nurture you through your recovery.

Addiction Therapy
Counselling for addictions to help your recovery

What does Addiction Therapy involve?

Addiction Therapy describes a wide range of interventions that treat substance use disorder or address a repeated pattern of abuse. In other words, it seeks to help you deal with your own cravings and triggers without the threat of relapsing or worsening any uncontrollable addictive behaviour later on down the line.

Our therapists will work with you on a one-to-one basis to determine the most effective way to treat your precise addiction, needs and circumstances. We also understand how sensitive an issue it can be discussing your addiction, which is why we make every effort to ensure our centres are as safe and nurturing an environment as they can possibly be.

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Addictions come in many forms

Some addictions are clarified below, though it is your relationship with a certain behaviour or substance that is important. If you are in doubt, worried or unsure speak to a professional.


Co-dependency is an unhealthy relationship pattern with dynamics strongly related to addictions. Co-dependency defines psychological dysfunction which can significantly impact on mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Food/Eating Disorders – Eating Disorders and disordered eating is common not always thought of as an addiction but share symptoms of addiction.
  • Alcohol Addiction – addiction to alcohol can be particularly difficult to admit, stop and make lasting changes, as it is so socially acceptable. Though with the right support, it is certainly doable.
  • Drug Addiction – Whether prescription, over the counter, recreational drugs or ‘hard’ drugs, addiction to a substance has devastating impacts.
  • Sex Addiction – Porn and/or sex addiction takes true pleasure from sex, we can help you make sustainable changes so you can find fulfilment in sexual relationships.
  • Video Game Addiction – Though most people are able to enjoy the joys of gaming, for some, it becomes a relationship which starts to become destructive, making it difficult to be present in other aspects of your life.
  • Gambling Addiction – It might be difficult to admit you have a problem, particularly if you are not in a financially problematic position – this is common, though gambling addiction has detrimental impacts.
  • Social Media Addiction – If social media use becomes excessive and problematic it can impact our general wellbeing.