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Struggling to conceive can leave one or both partners with feelings of inadequacy, failure, sadness and at times, depression. Fertility counselling can help address these emotions to improve health and well-being on an individual, couple and family level.

Whether you and your partner have just found out you will not be able to conceive, are struggling to recover from a miscarriage or are going through the process of starting a family through IVF, adoption or other means, fertility counselling can help.

The emotional rollercoaster of fertility issues can be extremely complex, and many people withdraw and isolate themselves when they are unsure of how to navigate or comprehend their emotions.

We understand that fertility is a personal, intimate issue and something many people find hard to discuss or come to terms with. It might be challenging to ask for support. IVF and fertility counselling can provide you with the tools to manage the process and understand your emotions.

What Are IVF and Fertility Counselling?

Fertility counselling helps couples navigate and understand their emotions during the emotional rollercoaster of IVF or alternative routes for having a child. Many experience shock or denial when issues with fertility emerge and even as the process goes on. The Leone Centre can provide support through individual psychotherapy and help couples work through the process in relationship counselling sessions.

Feelings of blame and repressed anger and disappointment may be affecting your relationship when dealing with the challenge of infertility and the rollercoaster of IVF. At Leone Centre, our qualified and registered associates are available for counselling and will offer a safe, confidential and open environment where couples can work through their concerns and feelings.  IVF and fertility counselling sessions can help couples make decisions and move forward together.

No two fertility journeys will be the same. As such, we ensure every fertility counselling session is sensitive and adapted to your unique circumstance.

How Can Counselling Help You & Your Family?

Stress and the emotional well-being of the mother (or mother-to-be) are widely considered to impact the success of IVF or fertility treatment. In fact, studies by the University of California highlight that continued or chronic stress reduces fertility because it activates the hormone called the gonadotrophin inhibitor. The Leone Centre can help to manage stress and other concerns triggered by infertility or IVF. 

Many couples do not know where to turn or how to escape the anxiety and overwhelming emotional cycle, but IVF and fertility counselling can work in preparation for and parallel to your IVF treatment. The emotional support of fertility counselling can help couples to find balance and establish a healthy foundation on which to build their relationship and family.

In IVF and fertility counselling, we can look to help you process grief and the disappointment of not being able to conceive as expected. Fertility counselling sessions are recommended for couples when they have decided to use a surrogate or donor. These sessions will help both partners come to terms with the potential complexities and confusing feelings of infertility.

Fertility counselling at the Leone Centre will help both partners explore and understand their options and what they are emotionally ready for, including parenthood and the long-term and short-term impacts of their decisions. For more information, contact one of our team members for an initial consultation or to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

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