Online Counselling

Online Counselling


Online Counselling with Experienced Therapists

Online counselling allows the opportunity to engage with greater flexibility to the many services that Leone Centre provides. These include online counselling for stress and anxiety, depression, low self esteem, relationship counselling and couples counselling. Online counselling allows the opportunity to engage with greater flexibility to the many services that Leone Centre provides. Technology is changing the way we interact with the world around us and connect with each other. At the Leone Centre, technology has made our online counselling and online therapy sessions more accessible than ever before.

At Leone Centre, we offer services via Zoom as well as in-person Therapy. Because of the additional encrypted security Zoom offers, it makes our online counselling and online couple therapy more secure and confidential than services like Skype and FaceTime.

Busy lives and overly packed schedules can disrupt our mental health and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling out of balance, overwhelmed or at a disjuncture with your career or relationship, it is perhaps the time to consider counselling or therapies.

Online relationship therapy

How Does Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy on Zoom work?

Online Counselling is easy to integrate into your work-related travelling and schedule so that you can get the support that you want and need.

Online counselling is a counselling service performed over online platforms like Zoom, Skype or over the phone. At Leone Centre we offer the most effective type of counselling via Zoom video conferencing platforms as this simulates the same experience as face to face therapy.

You can organise your individual online counselling appointment for a time that suits you, with associates accessible from early morning until late evening. Book an initial appointment by calling one of our centres on 020 3930 1007 or by completing our online booking form on our website today.

Online Counselling

Online Counselling for Relationships

At the Leone Centre, our online sessions are comprehensive. We can provide online therapies for all relationship counselling programmes.

Couples can take part even if they are in separate locations through Zoom’s confidential meeting rooms.

Our couples therapy at Leone Centre helps couples who are experiencing challenges and want to work on their marriage or relationships.

We understand the friction that marital problems can cause between a couple so our marriage and divorce counselling services are also available. This allows couples space to heal but with open lines of communication to work on the causes of concern.  We work with couples looking to co-parent from different locations.

Online counselling

Online Leadership Counselling and Consultancy

Remote meetings are also available for leadership and executive consultancy services. Our professionally qualified associates work with leaders to help manage the emotional impact of their role. Between us, our associates have years of experience working with successful companies and leaders.

Online counselling is an efficient and effective way to manage personal health and wellbeing for those in highly demanding roles and those who have work commitments that often mean working away from home and loved ones for long periods.

Some therapists at Leone Centre are also able to provide emotional freedom techniques and energy works via online counselling.

MBTI packages Leone Centre are also available via our online platform. These sessions allow certified Myers-Briggs expert practitioners to explore your personality type with you in more detail. The Myers-Briggs personality type indicator is one of the most widely tools used by corporations and businesses to improve communication and efficiency in their teams.

All of our online counselling sessions take place in a private and confidential environment. We  ensure your confidentiality and all the same privacy as if you were visiting us face to face.

Make an appointment or discuss your online options with Leone Centre today.

How Can Online Counselling Help?

We can provide best online counselling support wherever you are in the world and can be used to address personal concerns, including but not limited to:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Loneliness
  • Addiction
  • Self Confidence
  • Sexuality Issues
  • Difficult Transitions

Counselling via the Zoom platform is also extremely helpful for those who live in a country where counselling is not easily available in their preferred language.

Contact us to discuss your options with Leone Centre today.

Our Experienced Online Counsellors

Our associates have helped people in countries all around the world including Hong Kong, Germany, France, Singapore, Belgium and Thailand.

We have selected the Zoom platform as it is the most secure medium for online counselling. Zoom is confidential, easy to use and has premium video sharing which means the flow of communication or counselling will not be interrupted. A good quality internet connection is required to benefit from our online services.

Unlike other unofficial services, our associates are all qualified professionals and members of regulating bodies in the UK including BACP and UKCP. You can make an appointment using our scheduling system or discuss your online options with Leone Centre today.

Online Counselling FAQs

How does online counselling with Leone Centre experienced therapist work?

Online counselling is held via an online video call (Zoom) where the client virtually ‘meets’ their chosen experienced counsellor from the Leone Centre Associates Team. The online sessions are arranged at a mutually convenient date and time for both client and therapist.

Online counselling is held by Leone Centre’s individual, couples and family therapists with the same level of confidentiality, structure, and support that is held during face-to-face sessions. Counselling via online (Zoom) can help as well and with the same issues as face-to-face counselling; this includes anxiety, stress, depression, bereavements, addiction, relationships, couples counselling and so forth.

Is online therapy as good as in person therapy?

According to the BACP, 82% of therapists stated that they feel online/remote has provided more accessible therapy sessions to clients and the general public. 91% of therapists have confirmed they will continue to work with clients via video and audio call post pandemic. These therapists feel the online option offers a wide range of flexibility and choice to clients, who now have a choice of therapists from all over the country from their preferred location.

At the Leone Centre online therapy is a professional service, offered by experienced therapists and designed to provide counselling sessions with more flexibility, resulting in positive outcomes as face-to-face therapy. Online therapy provides effective and convenient access to mental health services and relationship counselling.

Whether online therapy is the best option for you depends on your current circumstances and preferences as well as the context of your presenting issues.

What are the Pros and Cons of online Counselling?

The obvious pro of online counselling is flexibility as sessions can take place anywhere – which at this moment in time, is everywhere – this can include the comfort of your own home, at your workplace and abroad.

Leone Centre’s clients who prefer online counselling know that counselling sessions can be held across countries, so their preferred counsellor or counselling services are there to support wherever they travel – or if they live in a secluded area. Often couples can access counselling of they are in different locations. Online counselling can be a helpful tool for people and families with young children by resolving childcare concerns. Less time is spent travelling and this provides easier access for clients with physical limitations.

Online counselling at times can take some pressure away from the session and help openness to discuss sensitive issues. For people suffering with anxiety disorders triggered from going outside or to unknown places, online options can be an extremely helpful start.

The Cons of online counselling are that at times people do not feel they have enough privacy in their homes. Also those who are not great lovers of modern-day technologies can feel that speaking through a screen is not as personal and prefer a neutral location, face-to-face, and away from everyday life. With the sessions being held over the internet, there might be rare occurrences of losing internet connection and experiencing bad signal throughout the session; these are usually easily resolvable.

At a practical level some insurance companies not always cover the sessions due to them not being face-to-face. This something you should check with your insurer before making a booking.

We live abroad can we have Online Couples Counselling at Leone Centre?

Yes. In many other countries counselling is not common practise and/or is not offered in the clients preferred language. Many of Leone Centre clients live abroad or travel a lot for work. Online counselling is a great opportunity for people who have moved and/or live abroad – providing a good internet connection is accessible.

Talk with a Therapist

Taking the decision to start counselling or therapy can feel like a big step and there is often some apprehension about the process and how it works. All of the Leone Centre counsellors and therapists are experienced, accredited and highly professional.

At the Leone Centre we can help you to choose a therapist, book your appointment and explain the process. Alternatively, if you are ready to get started, you can book directly.

If you do feel like you need some help and support, Leone Centre counsellors and therapists are available 7 days a week. Call us on 020 3930 1007.

We can offer in-person appointments at our head office in Fulham and Kensington. We also service Victoria, Putney, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and City of London.

In addition, we offer Online Counselling wherever in the world you are located, should this better fit around your existing commitments or if you are not able to attend an in-person appointment.