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Counselling in Putney

Whether you’re an individual, couple, team or organisation, the Leone Centre provides Counselling in Putney in a safe, supportive environment – whatever your needs may be – throughout Putney, at the Hurlingham Studios and across the rest of London.

From our base in the South West of London, our expertly trained team can offer a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy-based services, including marriage counselling, energy psychology and organisational consultancy.

Working with a combination of relational, systemic and soulful approaches, each of our therapies is designed to promote communication, collaboration and healing, helping people across a wide variety of backgrounds.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, or need some advice on how to overcome a bereavement or career-related issue, the wide range of individual counselling and psychotherapy services we offer at the Leone Centre can help.

While many people only turn to counselling during times of inner turmoil, our therapies can offer several benefits to anyone looking to develop themselves and their lives.

Couples Counselling in Putney

Using a thoughtful, collaborative and engaging approach, our specialist couple counsellors create a safe space for you to examine and communicate any deeply held feelings you have regarding your relationship struggles. We will then work through these feelings with you, looking to identify effective solutions that can help you both move forward.

Relationship Counselling & Marriage Counselling Putney

The Leone Centre provide a support network for married couples to improve their communication channels. From reconnecting with one another after infidelity or bereavement to dealing with fertility issues or other relationship challenges, our trained counsellors can provide Putney-based clients with expert guidance and support.

Corporate Services

Using systems-psychodynamic thinking approaches, our specialists at the Leone Centre can help business executives and leadership teams create a deeper perspective and enhance their management abilities. Through our organisational consultancy services, we help teams work better together and create an improved working environment.

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Here at the Leone Centre, our experienced therapists can offer online and face-to-face counselling and psychotherapy services to clients based in Putney and throughout the South West of London. We make it our ultimate aim to effect long-term positive change, supporting individuals and couples at all stages of their lives.

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