About us


About Leone Centre

Leone Centre associate counsellors, psychotherapists and consultants are all carefully chosen for their experience and passion.  

We are all committed to ongoing additional professional development, further training and reflective practice that complement and nurture our work with clients. 

We are an internally funded organisation and not dependent on Venture Capital or any other source of external funding.

We solely concentrate on developing our provision of counselling, couples and marriage therapy and organisational consultancy in the best way we know.

What we do

We provide high-quality, current, integrative and transpersonal counselling and facilitation across individual, relationship, group and organizational contexts. A valued and highly regarded counselling provider, we have been offering consultancy and online therapy in London since 2009. 

Our experienced and supportive therapists offer individual, marriage, and relationship counselling through a safe and confidential space to help you adapt and cope with challenges.  

What we do is meaningful to us, and Leone Centre has high standards of professionalism. All therapists in our team are carefully selected for their experience and motivation.

Counsellors have all completed their professional long-term core training; some practitioners have 15 years plus experience and our couple counsellors have additional specialist training.

We are all fully registered members of relevant professional organisations such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy BACP, UK Council for Psychotherapy UKCP, the European Mentoring and Coaching Council EMCC, HCPC and. 

Our work honours the idea that relationships and interconnection are the basis of health and fulfilment.


To increase awareness, deepen relationships and bring sustainable resolutions for individuals, couples, and groups, advance counselling and normalise therapy as a way of self-caring and development. 

To facilitate freedom, presence and empowerment in every relationship

Managing relationships with your partner or spouse, family members, and colleagues within corporate organisations can involve a delicate balance.

Through personalised consultancy, counselling, psychotherapy and coaching sessions, our associates offer a safe space for reflection, problem-solving and working through the more challenging aspects of daily life. 

Who We Are

Founded by Cristina Vrech and Alison Wragg in 2009, Leone Centre now has several trusted associate therapists and counsellors across several specialities, from individual counselling to corporate coaching.

Each team member is passionate about what they do and can support our clients through challenging situations in both personal and professional landscapes.

With long-term training, full qualifications and recognised registration, our therapists have a wealth of experience in providing support, listening and understanding for the different issues that might concern you.

Our locations in Fulham and Putney are easily reachable from Wimbledon, Battersea, Chelsea and Victoria and offer easy access for each of our clients across the whole of South West London.

Our Values: 

AFFIRMATION – feeding vitality, freedom and authenticity via a current, down to earth-transpersonal, life-affirming and integrative approach 

CONNECTION – seeing our counselling and psychotherapy work as relevant to individuals and couples as well as wider connections to others and  larger world issues 

FOCUS – from individual to group, on the known goals and mainstream experience but also on what we want to discard and what’s useful and in need of attention. Giving equal importance to process and resolution: the process we work with gives birth to resolution. 

CELEBRATION – of the unique experience of each individual, couple or group. Bringing curiosity, warmth and an open mind to our work 

Our Services

At Leone Centre, we offer a 7-day-a-week service with appointments available in the morning, afternoon and evening; this ensures that clients can access the support they require without compromising their daily routine.

For those wanting to talk with us before they book an appointment, we offer a free initial 10-minute call. If you’d rather book an initial appointment straightaway, we offer a quick set-up and rapid access, subject to availability and dependent on your schedule.

We offer a range of personal and corporate services, including:

From anxiety and depression to IVF and parental coaching, our therapy services can help and facilitate a range of individual and unique situations. While we are not a source of medical treatment, counselling can offer support when resolving some of life’s greatest challenges.

Who Are Our Clients

We work with individuals, couples or groups when they’re looking for a reflective space to work on their relationships, themselves and any emerging issues or concerns that might be making life challenging. 

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Individuals in need of a safe space to be listened to, problem-solve and reflect with the support of our counsellors
  • Professionals who are seeking supervision, thoughtful or practical support
  • Couples who want to be together in a more alive and fulfilling relationship or marriage
  • Divorcee’s who are hoping to separate consciously, respectfully and in the best way possible
  • Business Executives or Leaders who want an introspective analysis of their workplace role
  • Corporate organisations who want to create a more functional and productive workforce
  • Individuals who may not choose to attend relationship therapy with their partner but wish to work on their relationships

In modern day society, people may struggle to move through life’s challenges and in these cases, the support of our team may help them to develop insight, understanding, resilience and strength.

For more information about our services or therapists or to book your initial appointment, feel free to get in touch with a member of our friendly team, today.

Gwen Hanrahan
Gwen Hanrahan
Wellbeing at work is now key. I’ve benefited immensely from work with Alison Wragg at the Leone Centre, in supporting our thinking about wellbeing in teams and across the organisation. Her approach to wellbeing doesn’t ignore the live context . Her relational and containing base allowed us as teams to really get in touch with what and how we can make for a healthy, successful team. Alison brought this expertise in her coaching and organisational consulting. Invaluable ! I highly recommend the Leone Centre.
Isabella B
Isabella B
I would highly recommend Leone Centre as it provides very professional support.
Helen Carr
Helen Carr
Excellent - professional , ethical and educated. Cris Vrech is an experienced, bi lingual therapist with a considerable client portfolio. The Leone Centre is of especial use to those requiring cross cultural therapy - essential in a multi cultural city such as London. I endorse.
David Staff
David Staff
Thank you so much for the care and help you gave me. I had never had counselling before and being of the 'older generation' where one was supposed to 'pull yourself together' and 'get on with it', I was dubious about how you could help. Your highly skilled and kind therapist has completely changed me! I am now much more positive and have the tools, that if I do dip down again, to use to help me. Thank you! I highly recommend the Leone Centre. Don't hesitate. Contact them and experience for yourself.
I completed my sessions with Cristina Vrech and would highly recommend her. I felt that for the first time someone was reaching me and I was able to navigate my thoughts and understand my issues. Leone Centre was efficient and arranged my initial appointment in a timely manner, responding to all of my queries.