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Relationship Counselling

The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. It is easy to forget our right to happiness and fulfilment when problems begin to appear.

When couples start a relationship together, they often develop a belief that they must handle all they encounter alone, however, we’re here to tell you that isn’t the case. We offer a number of relationship counselling London services to ensure no couple suffers in silence.

What Is Relationship Counselling?

Relationship counselling is a form of psychotherapy that helps couples to recognise and promptly resolve any problems that might be developing between the two of them.

Working with a qualified therapist, you and your partner will have the opportunity to explore the reasons behind any conflicts that might be occurring within your relationship, with the aim of improving your wellbeing both as individuals and as a couple.

Leone Centre’s relationship counselling provides you with the appropriate tools, resources and techniques to guide you through and alleviate the challenges that inevitably occur over the lifetime of a relationship.

Here at Leone Centre, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity. Our therapists who provide relationship counselling London sessions are extremely well equipped to deal with any number of issues. Our London counsellors are able to work with couples who are married, cohabiting, LGBTQ, heterosexual, in a civil partnership, in the process of separating, divorced or are co-parenting, amongst many other situations.   

Relationship Counselling can be required throughout any stage of a couple’s lifespan together. Whether the partnership is still in its infancy and you’ve begun to notice some problems appearing in the first few months, or you’ve been with your partner for decades and there’s a number of long-standing issues that need to be resolved, Leone Centre Relationship Counselling services are qualified to help.

Specifically trained in relationship counselling, our BACP and UKCP registered couple counsellors aim at providing a safe and collaborative place where you can together share your thoughts, feelings and experiences of one another, to help you establish a common ground within your relationship.

What Is Our Approach To Relationship Counselling?

Our relationship counselling approach is collaborative, thoughtful and engaging. Our London counsellors cover all manner of issues that might have occurred between a couple. Our relationship counselling services are extensive, we can help with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem

What Happens When We Start Relationship Counselling?

In modern culture, intervening in a relationship, or undergoing relationship counselling is often seen as a failure. There is an established perspective that by asking for help the relationship is already over. Therefore, it’s not out of the ordinary for one partner in a couple to be more reluctant than the other to participate in relationship counselling.

To combat any stigma, any hesitation and to put both partners at ease, during your first session our Relationship Counsellors aim to reassure you of the benefits of relationship therapy.

Our relationship counsellors in London will teach you the benefits of communicating, listening and receiving an objective opinion on your relationship. This initial introduction is designed to build up a safe environment, however, all relationship counselling sessions will always be tailored to your individual situations.

Individuals 1:1 Counselling

If your partner refuses to attend any form of relationship counselling session or you simply want support on a personal basis, you can complete your relationship counselling individually. In fact, undergoing relationship counselling as a sole participant can improve the affect of your treatment, as you will be able to speak about things you may not feel you could have if your partner were in the room.

At Leone Centre, our couple counselling therapists can help you work on any number of issues stemming from your relationship that may be affecting the way you live your life as an individual. Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, stress or depression as a result of a spouse’s adultery or perhaps your partner’s causing you concerns about your confidence and self-esteem, you can trust that our counsellors will help you to work past these issues.

Relationship Counselling London

If you were wondering where exactly you could receive our therapy, you’ll be pleased to know that Leone Centre practices Relationship Counselling London from a number of different locations spread out across the capital. 

Once you have signed up to receive Leone Centre’s services, you’ll have access to our associates across South West London, 7 days a week, from early mornings right through to early evenings. Our clinics are situated in Belgravia and Putney (SW15), Battersea (SW11), Chelsea (SW3, SW10) and Fulham (SW6).

You can start your journey with Leone Centre’s Relationship Counselling London practices you can arrange your first appointment by making a call to 0333 987 5234 , or if you’d prefer to do so digitally, fill out our online booking form.