Counselling in Knightsbridge


Counselling in Knightsbridge

Whatever your needs may be – throughout Knightsbridge, at the Hurlingham Studios and across the rest of London, our expertly trained team can offer a range of counselling and psychotherapy-based services. These services including marriage counselling, systemic family therapy, individual counselling and counselling for trauma using EMDR and Brainspotting methods.

All counselling session in each of our locations across London are conducted by experienced therapists using a combination of relational and systemic approaches. Collaborating with you to improve communication and implement positive, life-long change. At Leone Centre we help individual, families, and couples throughout all and any stages in life from a variety of backgrounds.

Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling in Knightsbridge

We offer individual counselling sessions and psychotherapy services for many challenges including – anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, severe stress, including career struggles and changes.

The benefits that can be achieved from counselling and psychotherapy are not just for people in a life transition or crisis, the potential benefits of our therapies may be utilized by anyone seeking self-development and their own self-clarification.

Marriage, couples, and relationship Counselling in Knightsbridge

Marriage, Couples and Relationship Counselling is inclusive of everyone from living together to being married to being single – gay or straight!  Our Marriage and couples therapy sessions invite a warming, collaborative, engaging approach to ensure you both feel involved and equally heard.

Our trained counsellors will help you in examining your deep-rooted feelings about the struggles within your relationship and support you in finding positive approaches moving forward.

Systemic Family Therapy in Knightsbridge

It is common for one or more family members to face struggles such as ill mental health, bereavements, addiction, separation, divorce, financial troubles, and relationships within the family dynamic. Families that feel they are struggling with issues that have resulted in additional stress may benefit from the support of a family therapist.

A family therapist will suggest problems are addressed by the family as a whole, rather than as separate individuals – Helping to improve the family structure and address past or present challenges.

Whilst family therapists will require the session with the whole family, those seeking help as an individual can request an individual counselling session.

EMDR Therapy

Individual counselling

At Leone Centre we also offer a highly effective and distinctive therapeutic approach – EMDR therapy. EMDR therapy will help individuals to heal from emotional distress and mental effects following a traumatic event and/or disturbing past experiences – also known as PTSD.

As expected, past traumatic events can be impossible to forget and result in intense mental health issues. EMDR is intended to take memories of traumatic events and reprocess them to achieve a decreased emotional impact.

The EMDR therapy involves asking the person to remember past traumatic events whilst making specific eye movements. The action within EMDR therapy aims to modify the processing system within the human brain and reduce the intensity of impact caused by specific past traumas.

Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual therapists – or sex therapists – can help to improve and resolve sexual issues including vaginismus, ED (erectile dysfunction), delays in climax, addictions, and many more. Sex therapists can also support individuals and couples that have experienced past sexual traumas, opening up romantic relationships and/or struggling with symptoms of menopause or physical challenges.

If you feel you may be experiencing issues that require the support of a psychosexual therapist, at Leone Centre your concerns will be received within a non-judgmental, confidential, and comforting environment with the help of our highly trained and professional therapists.