Relationship is Everything. Everything is Relationship 
“We are born in relationship, we are wounded in relationship, and we can be healed in relationship.” 

Harville Hendrix

Getting started

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Counselling Central London

Each day, millions of people are met with challenges that they may silently struggle with or try to tackle on their own. Whether we are met with individual worries or concerns within our relationships or professional lives, gaining support can help us process and deepen our understanding of the issues we are facing.  At our counselling Central London locations, our associates can provide a safe space to help you adapt and cope with these situations.

Our associates are experienced in providing support regardless of whether you’re seeking help in a particularly challenging situation or are simply looking to promote healthy progression. Therapy and counselling can also enrich our lives, propel our personal development and enhance our professional experiences.

Leone Centre’s counselling Central London services are supportive and connecting,  our associates work alongside you to determine the best route forward, with the opportunity to focus on specific issues or take an explorative approach to stress or other concerns.

All of our counselling Central London sessions are provided by our experienced associates working with you to implement long term, positive change throughout our core services, including individual therapy and relationship counselling programs. We help couples and individuals at all stages of their relationships.

We help reconnect couples after infidelity, fertility issues and bereavement. We understand we are often called upon during a time of crisis, and provide a safe and secure environment to start helping you move forward. If you feel you cannot recover your relationship, the Leone Centre associates can also help you finalise your relationship with divorce counselling. In some cases, choosing to end a marriage or relationship is the better option for all parties involved. We can help you negotiate co-parenting and other new territories or tricky transitions.  All of our therapeutic interventions encourage respect, healing and understanding.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including counselling, couple counselling, energy psychology and organisational consultancy to individuals, couples and teams across Central London and beyond.

Our counselling Central London services cover a range of concerns or challenges including loss of libido following infidelity, insomnia due to stress within your professional life, addictions or harmful coping mechanisms and so much more. We fully understand that personal concerns manifest differently in everyone; our adaptive sessions can help attend to the specific issues impacting on your emotional mental health or relationship.

Physiological symptoms of stress and burnout are common challenges of modern life, and each of our associates has experience in providing support for any issues.

Our energy therapies promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing through a holistic healing process. Our energy healing therapies are available either alone, or within an integrated programme of other therapies.

We may also utilise an MBTI questionnaire to build a foundational understanding of your personality type. This provides a base from which we can work with you to determine a route forward. We can apply this to any of our other counselling services, including corporate, individual and couples counselling.

At Leone Centre, our associates’ welcome people from all walks of life; regardless of your sexual orientation, marriage status and more. We are also able to offer counselling sessions in a range of languages, including English, Italian, German and Farsi.

To discuss an initial appointment for counselling central London or to arrange an online counselling session, get in touch with Leone Centre today!