Meet Our Team

Here at Leone Centre, we offer our clients a group of experienced and passionate associates. Within our Team we have authors, lecturers, trainers, supervisors, group relations consultants, counsellors, psychotherapists and directors.

With professionals across each of our services, including Individual Therapy, Couples Counselling, Energy Work and Corporate Services, each client will be carefully assigned the right associate according to their needs, ensuring a thoughtful and understanding experience throughout their sessions.

Across our associate therapists, counsellors and directors, we are able to offer support and guidance across a comprehensive array of areas, from anxiety and depression, to bereavement, relationships, and IVF. Find out more about our associates:

Tasha Colbert

Tasha Colbert

Individual Therapist

As an individual therapist, trainer and author, Tasha Colbert offers parent coaching, movement psychotherapy, body psychotherapy and supervision, Tasha utilises different therapeutic approaches and she is experienced in working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, body image issues, parenting challenges and more. She takes a non-judgemental approach to support each client through their therapeutic journey.

Tasha can help with...
  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Author, Parent Coach, Trainer
  • Supervisor to Therapists
  • NLP, CBT, Body Psychotherapy, Mindfulness
  • Movement Psychotherapy and Gestalt Work
Chloe Hedley

Chloe Hedley

Individual Integrative Counsellor

With substantial background working with a multiplicity of clients and concerns, Chloe Hedley is an Integrative Counsellor with a natural interest and passion in working with young adults and in promoting development and growth. Chloe is the Presenter and Facilitator of Leone Centre Events and Workshops . With experience extending from relationships and loneliness, to anxiety, co-dependency and early trauma, she takes a driven and empathetic approach to understanding and supporting clients through challenges.

Chloe can help with...
  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Anxiety, Relationship issues, Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Co-Dependency, Bereavement
  • Attachment issues and Depression
  • Specific challenges faced by 18-30 year old young adults
Alison Wragg

Alison Wragg

Organisational and Leadership Coach and Consultant, Integrative Psychotherapist

As the Lead Consultant for our Corporate and Consultancy services, Alison Wragg holds knowledge and experience in leadership and executive coaching to organisational consultancy. With experience in supporting clients across multiple sectors including health, education, finance, law, family businesses and other small enterprises including start ups, she offers support in handling burnout, balancing work and home life and a number of other business-related concerns.

Alison can help with...
  • Corporate Services, Trainer
  • Myers Briggs (MBTI) Certified Practitioner
  • Leadership & Executive Roles Coaching & Organisational Consultancy
  • EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting
  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
Bea Czerkawska

Bea Czerkawska

Individual & Couple Therapist

Bea Czerkawska has a wealth of experience in offering individual and couples counselling, with over 12 years across a number of different fields including couples counselling, to psychosexual health and Matrix Reimprinting. Bea is a passionate and an advanced energy psychology practitioner. She is dedicated to providing a secure space for every individual or couple to access support and a safe place to voice their concerns.

Bea can help with...
  • Couple and Relationship Counselling
  • Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Intimacy and Reconnection
  • EFT & Matrix Reimprinting