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Corporate Services


Corporate Counselling

Off-the-shelf solutions do not easily resolve issues relating to challenging workplace dynamics. We tailor our Corporate Services and responses to the needs of clients who want to make fundamental, lasting changes.

When a group of talented individuals work together, this does not always create a high-performing team. Such teams need a common purpose, clear goals and agreed ways of working together.

Within the uncertain and changeable environments in which today’s organisations find themselves working, there is a need to adapt to meet organisational objectives constantly.

As a result, teams may have new goals, a different leader, or new members may join it. All of these circumstances can impact the ability of a team to perform to its full potential.

We focus on the relationships between individuals, their roles, the work of the organisation and the environment in which it operates.

Corporate Counselling Services include:

– In-depth analysis of presenting organisational challenges related to the human and systems aspects of organisational life

– Design and delivery of bespoke multi-service solutions, which could include any of the following:

For Leaders

Being a senior leader is often an exciting and self-affirming experience. Still, it can also be a lonely place without the benefit of a trusted colleague with whom to think or talk things through.

Consultants at Leone Centre can work with you to provide the time and space for reflection that can often be hard to find in the everyday workplace.

Our systems-psychodynamic approach to individual consultancy helps leaders and executives to explore the often unacknowledged emotional and relational dimensions of leadership. It provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership.

Corporate relationship services for business in London

For The Whole Workforce

Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) Individual & Teams

The MBTI has helped millions of people around the world learn more about themselves and develop more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

Our MBTI Team building events and workshops in London are designed to offer insights on an individual basis as well as at a team level. Leone Centre’s certified practitioners can interpret the results of your team’s individual MBTI personality test results and help you compile strategies by offering insights to help your team communicate better and improve workplace dynamics and, ultimately, productivity.

By using Myers Briggs in your team, you only need to invest once to get access to a wide range of business-related applications. Our aim is to help you implement long-term, effective change and understanding within your team dynamics, workforce well-being and productivity.

Coaching for performance

We offer a mixture of Coaching, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting in our work with individuals in the workplace to help enhance performance.

Successful companies understand that their best assets are their people, and by investing in their development, they encourage them to take personal responsibility for their results and achievements. This creates a more positive and effective working environment where employees feel valued, and the company achieves increased productivity and, ultimately, profit.

Whether you are an individual seeking assistance or an employer looking to enhance the well-being of your workforce, we can provide experienced and fully qualified practitioners to help with the following:

  • Anxiety management 
  • Changing unwanted behaviours
  • Confidence building
  • Developing & achieving goals
  • Health and Well-being in the Workplace
  • Motivation
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Developing self-esteem
  • Speaking in public
  • Stress reduction

Action Learning Sets

Like-minded peers meet together in a regular group to develop their leadership capacity and skills by working on current work challenges. Learning is focused on the real professional needs of each individual.

Group numbers are kept to a maximum of 8 members to ensure the maximum benefit to each individual. Trust and mutual growth generally happen very quickly in such groups, given the nature of the task, the focus very much being on one’s own and others’ professional dilemmas.

Most participants are highly positive about the extent of the learning from such experiences and state that the groups have made a considerable difference to their leadership and interpersonal skills, whatever the level they are at.​

Reflective Practice Sessions

Leone Centre offers a one-to-one and team reflective practice service to our clients at all levels of organisational life, from board to operational team level. This might include the delivery of a one-off session, a series of sessions or an ongoing provision of reflective space.

Clients from a wide range of sectors come with a commitment and motivation to create a space to think and reflect upon their work.

Using a systems-psychodynamic approach, creating a reflective space aims to help clients make sense of the work they are undertaking together, how they are managing the task at hand, how they are working together, what is going well, and what they might need to change moving forward.

All of our clients work in challenging and complex landscapes, and there is an understanding that making time to reflect upon the work can often make all the difference in how successful a project might be.

Clients requesting reflective practice might include companies undergoing major changes, start-ups who wish to invest in developing a culture of inquiry and learning, and those delivering services in the health and social care sectors.

Corporate Counselling FAQs

What services do you offer at Leone Centre?

At the Leone Centre our services include in-depth analysis of presenting organisational challenges, design, and delivery of bespoke multi-service solutions, support for leaders and employees, MBTI therapy sessions, performance coaching, action learning sets, reflective practise sessions, and working online.

Can Leone Centre support my employees with counselling and psychoeducation?

At Leone Centre we can offer organisational bespoke packages that help both employees and employers to enhance relationships and the overall organisational culture.

This happens with an initial assessment of needs and objectives followed by a proposal and feedback that can include: counselling and psychotherapy as well as psychoeducation options around mental health and relationships as well as facilitated group work.

What are the best qualities of a leader?

Being a leader can be an incredibly lonely place. The best qualities a leader can encompass are:

  • Being self-aware and always willing to self-develop
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Encompass trust and honesty
  • Prioritise helping to develop others
  • Strategic and critical thinking
  • Encourage Innovation and motivation
  • Take responsibility and be dependable

Leadership consultancy can offer support in learning and adapting to develop these qualities.

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