Executive Role & Leadership Consultancy

Executive Role & Leadership Consultancy


Leadership & Executive Role Consultancy at Leone Centre

Every business needs good leadership. Without it, businesses cannot run effectively and they can begin to suffer showing signs of organisational distress including:

• High staff turnover

• High levels of employees taking time off for stress

• Higher costs from poor quality of work

• Lower productivity within the business

• Conflict between departments that struggle to harmonise and complete tasks on time

In almost every situation someone is called upon to lead. Staff are looking for clear direction from those in leadership roles. Surveys have found two-thirds of employees would rather have a better boss than a pay rise. Similarly, HR reviews have identified that three-quarters of employees think the leadership in their business is the most difficult part of their employment.

Leaders who are struggling in role for whatever reason are often not happy leaders and at times their work / home life balance can be become seriously affected. In turn, this can put a strain on home relationships and cause further emotional distress.

Our Leadership consultancy services take an in-depth look at the signs and symptoms in the organisation and help to get to the root of any leadership difficulties within your management team. Being a senior leader is often an exciting and self-affirming experience but can also be a lonely place without the benefit of a trusted colleague with whom to think, collaborate with or talk things through.

What Is Leadership Consultancy?

Our leadership focused services are based around our systems-psychodynamic approach. We help your business’ managers and executives to explore and define the emotional and relational dimensions of leadership. We work with leadership teams to offer them a challenging yet supportive working partnership to ultimately advance their efficiency. We aim to improve leadership delivery for the benefit of the company.

Systems-Psychodynamic Approach

Our systems-psychodynamic approach to individual consultancy helps leaders and those in executive roles to explore the often unacknowledged emotional and relational dimensions of leadership and provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership.

At Leone Centre, we will work with you to unpick and understand the impact that below-the-surface dynamics can have on the function and performance of your organisational life, and help you to find the most effective ways to manage and work with these dynamics.

With our support, your leadership team will start to analyse and understand how their current leadership behaviours have an impact on organisational life. They will gain insights into how some simple leadership changes can make all the difference when it comes to the success of the organisation.

Why Invest In Leadership Consultancy?

When you invest in quality leadership development services, we will offer you dedicated support that will help your leadership team grow. This, in turn, will help everyone in the organisation, including those in executive roles, communicate better and align with business goals, so the business can excel. Consultants at Leone Centre can work with you to provide the time and space for reflection that can often be hard to find in the everyday workplace.

Using well renowned ‘Tavistock methodology’, we can help you tackle the human side of organisational distress in ways that off the shelf consultancy or coaching services often cannot reach.

Leadership & Executive Consultancy 

We work with you and your team in the strictest confidence.  

As a starting point for individuals, we often suggest six 90 minute sessions on a monthly basis. The sessions are held as a private meeting at the Leone Centre, in a space at your office, or another location as agreed between us

Consultancy, Online

There is always the option to work with us online. Leadership and Executive Consultancy is just as effective and secure when conducted online.

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