Therapy for Sex Addiction


Sex Addiction is a compulsive and out-of-control relationship with sex and/or the use of pornography. Have you got a relationship with pornography and/or sex that you would like to change but find it difficult to, no matter how hard you try? Is your relationship with porn and/or sex blocking intimacy? Do you find yourself too easily distracted or obsessing over sex in a way that takes you from fulfilment in the present?

Sex Addiction Therapy

Leone Centre has experience with addiction therapy, specifically trained therapists who work psycho-sexually and can help you re-write your relationship with pornography and/or sex in a way that is right for you. We will support you with the challenges in the present and help you understand where these behaviours have stemmed from – so you can make lasting and sustainable changes you would like, manage the symptoms, and re-engage in fulfilling sexual relationships.

We understand that it’s not always easy to reach out and talk about particularly the first step. We work sensitively and always with utmost confidentiality, whether couples/relationship therapy or individual therapy. We work to empower you so that you can live a fulfilled life in every aspect – sexual, social, and psychological. We know that these aspects of human life are not independent of one another – at Leone Centre, we work holistically using an integrative model because we know one size does not fit all when managing addictions, health and wellbeing.

Our Addiction Therapists are familiar with working with the 12-step models – let us know your requests in your assessment so we can find the best way to work together.

As with addictive behaviour, we know you can recover – no matter how long you have struggled. We also know that there is not something wrong with you, but you have likely suffered significant stress and/or trauma at some point in your life. We promote recovery through healing these wounds so you can find fulfilment in the present.

Talk with a Leone Centre Professional

If you do feel like you need some help and support, our Leone Centre professionals are available 7 days a week. Call us on 020 3930 1007.

We can offer in-person appointments at our head office in Fulham and Kensington. We also service Victoria, Putney, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and City of London.

In addition, we offer Online Counselling appointments wherever in the world you are located, should this better fit around your existing commitments or if you are not able to attend an in-person appointment.

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