Trauma Therapy and Counselling for PTSD


After any traumatic event, it is likely that you could experience a range of psychological, emotional, and physical symptoms related to psychological trauma.  

Everybody responds in different ways depending nature of the traumatic event and other factors involved, though psychological trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can have detrimental impacts on wellbeing if not addressed. It is important that you reach out, and get some help should you feel it necessary. 

It is common that you might find it difficult to gather your thoughts and feelings around traumatic events which is why Leone Centre psychotherapists and counsellors are experienced to help you work through your trauma and towards the healing and rebuilding of your life. 

Each and every individual’s experience is different though the symptoms outlined below may help you identify how you might be particularly affected. These can help guide you to make the right decisions on the best person or place to go for help.  

If you need support for trauma that you have experienced at any point in your life, we can help.  

Post traumatic Stress Disorder can be characterised by: 

  • flashbacks  
  • nightmares 
  • physical sensations such as pain, shaking, feeling nauseous   
  • anxiety, panic and difficultly managing emotions 
  • feeling jumpy and easily startled  
  • overwhelming feelings of anger, sadness, guilt and shame 
  • hyper-vigilance, extreme alertness  
  • irritability and difficulty concentrating 
  • avoiding feelings or memories; using alcohol or drugs to avoid memories
  • addictions 
  • difficulty sleeping 
  • being unable to remember details of what happened 
  • feeling emotionally and physically numb  

Ongoing symptoms of trauma affects our emotional wellbeing and physical health.

Physical impacts of trauma and stress that have the potential to cause illness and chronic disorders that impact the quality of our everyday life.  

If you need support for trauma that you have experienced at any point in your life, Leone Centre can help.

We know that with the right support, you will be able to live a fulfilling life.