Drug Addiction Therapy


Drug Addiction

What is drug addiction? Are you concerned about your relationship with drugs? Has your drug addiction become excessive to the point where you want to stop but can’t? Do you continue to use drugs despite their negative impacts on your life outweighing the positive?

Whether prescription, over-the-counter, recreational drugs or ‘hard’ drugs, addiction to a substance has devastating impacts. If you are looking for support on your journey to be free from substance abuse, our highly trained therapists are here to support you in living a life free of drugs.

Drug Addiction Therapy

Our addiction therapists are familiar with 12-step models and have substantial training and background working with drug addiction. We are not a rehab or detoxification centre and cannot provide or prescribe any medication. However, we can support you in line with these treatments should you want a trained professional to support your healing process. From a holistic viewpoint, we will attune to your individual experiences and needs.

We know that drug addiction recovery is very much achievable with the right support. We work within the 12-step models and without – let us know your preference today.

As with any drug addiction, we know you can recover – no matter how long you have struggled. We also know that there is not something wrong with you, but you have likely suffered significant stress and/or trauma at some point in your life. We promote recovery through healing these wounds so you can find fulfilment in the present.

At Leone Centre, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service of professional drug addiction therapy expertise and compassionate care, so you can heal from your addiction knowing you are in safe and trusted hands.

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