Our Story


Our Story, Born from the idea of creating a service that integrates the best of counselling and therapy with organisational consultancy, Leone Centre was founded by Alison Wragg and Cristina Vrech in 2009.

Their common goal was to craft a systemic, integrative and holistic approach to working with individuals, couples, teams, companies and organisations. Through a blend of soulful and holistic approaches and organisational consultancy perspectives, Leone Centre has gone on to offer a variety of unique services.

About Cristina

Cristina had extensive and diverse professional experience before becoming a counsellor. She worked for several years in the financial sector in London before starting her counselling and psychotherapy training.

As part of her journey towards creating the Leone Centre, she held several counselling positions, including working for one of the leading UK addiction counselling and therapy services.

She also worked as a mental health advisor for a charity-based organisation in Westminster and as an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate before moving on to work as a private counsellor and psychotherapist in London for both individuals and couples.  She now directs the Individual, Couple Therapy and Energy Work sectors within Leone Centre.

About Alison

Alison’s experience in counselling and coaching goes beyond Leone Centre. An Organisational Consultant, Coach, Therapist, Senior Leader and Visiting Tutor, she has been working with people from all walks of life both within and outside of organisational settings for over 25 years, which has led her to direct the Corporate Services at Leone Centre.

Alison works with individuals and with team dynamics to overcome blockages that might be getting in the way. This might include stress-related issues, relationship difficulties, burnout or difficulties in balancing the pressures of home and work life.  Alison also works as a senior leader and manager in NHS Secondary Mental Health Services, bringing first-hand knowledge and experience of the pressures involved in taking up leadership roles in highly pressured environments.

Our Evolution

After coming together to form Leone Centre, Cristina and Alison have seen the company evolve and develop to become the multi-service counselling and consultancy service it is today.

Offering a variety of services ranging from Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy to Couple Counselling, Marriage Counselling and corporate services, Leone Centre provides support to a diverse group of people and workplace teams with a number of different relational challenges.

We have worked with hundreds of clients, developing and maintaining high standards that we can be proud of. We make sure we maintain professionalism in everything we do, utilising our client experience to ensure that every client is provided with the counselling, psychotherapy, coaching or consultancy that they tell us they need.

We’ve gone on to work with a wonderful team of associates from all walks of life and different backgrounds. While many of our associates have years of experience in their work, we’re also proud to have some exceptionally talented therapists who have more recently qualified..

We work to provide a fully supportive environment for each of our clients, utilising a developmental approach to our work. We change, adapt and evolve with each day, focusing on offering the best relational development work for clients that we possibly can,

What’s Next For Leone Centre?

Counselling, coaching and consultancy services are ever-changing, and each client requires a unique approach tailored entirely to them. At Leone Centre, we are continually developing our ways of working, enhancing everything from our supervision to our personal growth and development. 

We understand every request is different, and each of our therapists, coaches and consultants has experience in creating an encouraging and compassionate space to suit each individual, team or organisation. From corporate coaching and leadership development to individual psychotherapy and energy work, we work hard to ensure that every one of our services can be tailored to each individual requirement.

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