Olena Baeva

Olena Baeva

Individual and Couples / Marriage Counsellor


Olena Baeva (MA, MBACP) is a counselling psychologist specialising in individual and couples therapy.

As a practitioner, she is warm, compassionate and diversity affirming, allowing for all the qualities and unexplored aspects of her clients to emerge and be validated.

Olena has trained with Relate in couple and relationship counselling.

She developed an early interest in physics and maths, studied psychology and business administration as an undergraduate. Later, she studied creativity and innovation in children through to adulthood for her Master’s degree, continuing her academic focus into relationship counselling and autism.

Most of her work is with people dealing with trauma, life changes and relationship issues.

Olena has a strong interest in helping those who are themselves autistic or a partner of an autistic/neurodivergent person.

She has extensive academic training in various therapeutic modalities and tailors her approach to each individual. Through her experience with a vast array of individuals she has developed her ethos with one important lesson among many; as the psychoanalyst Harry Stack Sullivan said, “We are all more human than otherwise.”

Olena can also offer counselling in Russian.

Olena Baeva can help with...

If you would like to get in touch with Olena Baeva please email or call 020 3930 1007 or

You may be searching for a counsellor for yourself or for you and your partner or, you may be looking for a single session to run your ideas by a neutral non-judgemental party.

In all cases I welcome you.


Many people struggle with motivation and question their life’s purpose. I help with, encourage and welcome self-reflection. We will explore why you do what you do and how to use that driving force to achieve the result that you want.

Better relationships.

We spend all our lives trying to learn how to be ourselves and to be connected with others in fulfilling relationships. Often it feels like the two work against each other.

Almost everyone in counselling is working on relationship issues of one kind or another — whether it be with themselves, with partners, family members, friends or colleagues.

Anxiety & Depression

People have as many things to say about anxiety and depression as they do about what you should eat and how you should exercise.

While anxiety and depression are common experiences, the causes and solutions are also unique to each individual. For some, changes in environment and social justice action are important in resolution, for others the anxiety and depressive symptoms reveal physiological issues such as illnesses and hormonal imbalances. Sometimes, anxiety and depression present an opening to exploration of relational and social dynamics and the starting point for progress and change.

I listen to your experience and work with you to find the next steps forward.

Autism & Neuro diversity

I am here to support and advocate for autistic and other neurodivergent people. I honour my clients as the experts on their minds and bodies. I will listen to what you or your partner needs and make adjustments in my virtual online practice and communication to support everyone feeling comfortable.

Common issues that my neurodivergent clients bring to therapy include emotional burnout, sensory overwhelm, social anxiety, frustration with trying to accomplish goals, relationship struggles, family and work issues, gender identity and sexuality.

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