Ann Hardy

Ann Hardy

Relationship & Couples Therapist


Trained at the renowned Tavistock Relationships, with additional training in the Behavioural Couple Therapy for Alcohol Dependency (BCT-AD) model. Ann lectures and supervises NHS therapists as part of TR’s Couple Therapy for Depression (CTfD) training. A BACP-registered individual and couples therapist, Ann specialises in couples and relationship therapy, offering long-term psychodynamic and time-limited integrative therapy.

Experienced in helping with communication, infidelity, sexual intimacy, long-term illness or disability, bereavement, past trauma (including childhood sexual abuse), depression, addiction, job insecurity, financial distress, neurodiversity and intercultural relationships.

Offering in person appointments.

Ann Hardy can help with...

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I am a Tavistock Relationships-trained, BACP-registered therapist. I help couples and individuals to navigate the experience of living with the anxieties and insecurities of modern life.

My approach is integrative, but recognises that relationship difficulties often have their roots in the past, and our tendency to recreate patterns of relating to others that do not serve us well in the present

I received my training at Tavistock Relationships, the internationally renowned Centre for Excellence in Couples Therapy. I have also received additional training in Behavioural Couple Therapy for Alcohol Dependence (BCT-AD) and lecture and supervise NHS therapists as part of Tavistock Relationships’ Couple Therapy for Depression (CTfD) training, and I have integrated many techniques from these interventions into my practice at Leone Centre.

A particular strength of this time-limited (16-24 sessions) way of working is that the therapist and the couple use the first four sessions to co-create a formulation, which sets the direction for the remaining work.

I am registered with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and have contributed articles to the Journal of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis and the Counselling Directory.

I offer both long-term psychodynamic and time-limited integrative therapy.

I have had the opportunity to work with couples and individuals with a wide range of presentations.

As a counsellor, I can support you with:

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