Online Counselling

Online counselling allows the opportunity to engage with greater flexibility to the many services that Leone Centre provides. Technology is changing the way we interact with the world around us and connect with each other. At the Leone Centre, online technology has made our counselling and therapy sessions more accessible than ever before.

Busy lives and overly packed schedules can disrupt our mental health and emotional wellbeing. If you are feeling out of balance or at a disjuncture with your career or relationship, it is perhaps the time to consider counselling or therapies. Online Counselling is easy to integrate into your work-related travelling and schedule so that you can get the support that you want and need.

What Is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is a counselling service performed over online platforms like skype or over instant messaging. The most effective type of online counselling is via video conferencing platforms as this simulates the same experience as face to face therapy.

Online Relationship Counselling

At the Leone Centre, our Online counselling sessions are comprehensive. We can provide online therapies for all relationship counselling programmes. Couples can take part even if they are separated through Zoom’s confidential meeting rooms. We understand the friction that marital problems can cause between a couple so our marriage and divorce counselling services are also available in the online counselling format. This allows couples space to heal but with open lines of communication to work on the causes of concern.  We work with couples looking to co-parent from different locations.

Online Leadership Counselling

Online counselling can also be employed for leadership and executive consultancy services. Professionally qualified associates can coach individuals and help them become effectual leaders and deal with the emotional labour of their role. Our executive consultancy associates have years of experience working with successful companies and high-fliers; we understand the demands and schedules they experience. online counselling is an efficient and useful way to manage your wellbeing and implement self-care even in these demanding roles.

The Leone Centre are also able to provide emotional freedom techniques and energy works via online counselling.

Our MBTI packages include individual reports delivered verbally via an online platform. These sessions allow the trained practitioner to deliver the results and explore your personality type with you in more detail. The personality type indicator is also suitable for corporations and businesses to improve communication and efficiency.

Online counselling or E-therapy will all be conducted in a safe and encouraging environment. We fully ensure your confidentiality and you are entitled to all the same privacy as if you were visiting us face to face.

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How Can Online Counselling Help?

Online counselling provides the opportunity to approach long-term concerns or sudden problems, wherever you are in the world. Individuals that are experiencing a time of crisis might benefit from a blended or robust programme of counselling. Online counselling ensures that you can keep up with your sessions, especially as a regular routine or foundation of support is extremely beneficial method for addressing some personal issues. 

E-therapy can be used to address personal concerns, including but not limited to:

With many years of experience, associates at the Leone Centre are adept at building a secure, honest environment both in person and for all online counselling sessions. Of course, all sessions are confidential, but we understand for some people, being in their own private environment can be a better option for them to feel safer. 

Online counselling is extremely helpful for those who live in a country where counselling is not easily available in their preferred language. Leone Centre’s e-therapy can then help express thoughts, feelings and communicate in your chosen language. The Leone Centre are able to provide sessions in English, German, Italian and Farsi.

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Our Online Counselling Therapists and Counsellors

Our associates have helped people in countries all around the world; Hong Kong, Mexico, Germany, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India, Brazil, Belgium and Thailand.

We have selected the Zoom platform as it is the most secure medium for online counselling. Zoom is confidential, easy to use and has premium video sharing which means the flow of communication or counselling will not be interrupted. A good quality internet connection is required to benefit from our E-therapy services.

Unlike unofficial services, our associates are all qualified professionals and members of regulating bodies in the UK. You can make an appointment or discuss your e-therapy options with Leone Centre today.