Myers Briggs Personality Test

Myers Briggs Personality Test

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most widely used and recognisable tools in psychology. It is commonly referred to as a test, but the comprehensive process simply consists of a series of questions, the results of which will assess the individual’s personality type; within the MBTI there are 16 possible personality types.

The Myers Briggs Personality Test can help to identify specific and unique personality patterns that can be explored with the help of a Leone Centre accredited practitioner in MBTI personality types.

Relationships and MBTI Personality Types

When you understand personality preferences, you can more readily appreciate differences between yourself and the people closest to you, such as spouses, partners, children, and friends. In most areas of life, when differences are bothersome, it can significantly impact your relationships in a negative and harmful way.

Knowledge of personality type allows you to see those differences as just those—different ways of "being." Instead of labelling a person and putting value judgments on their behaviour, you can learn to see it as behaviour reflecting a personality type, not something designed to offend you. Many couples learn to appreciate these differences and may even come to see them in a humorous light.

At Leone Centre, we often suggest that couples undertake an MBTI Personality Types intervention as part of their couple/marriage counselling process as the use of type can create the neutral ground, a non-judgmental language for discussing misunderstandings and irritations. Change in a relationship can begin when there is respect for the qualities of each partner. Even when a relationship is ending in divorce, understanding the influence of type can lead to a much more amicable process and provide a less blaming perspective for what happened.

Knowledge of type preferences can also help couples and families negotiate differences in several key approaches to lifestyle, intimacy, division of chores, managing money, and other areas of potential conflict.

Myers Briggs Personality Types Indicator At Leone Centre

The Myers Briggs Personality Test is one of the most widely used psychological instruments in the world. Here at the Leone Centre, you can be confident that the questionnaire is administered and interpreted by certified professionals. The Leone Centre offers several packages for the Myers Briggs Personality Test;

  • Basic Individual Package
  • Basic Couple Package
  • Comprehensive Individual Package
  • Team Package

With every option, after you have completed the questionnaire you will receive a bespoke personality report, detailing which personality type you are, as well as the strengths and blockages you may experience because of your personality type.

With the basic package, you then receive a confidential and personalised 90 minute session with one of our professional practitioners who will help you to make sense of the report, how it impacts your life and to help you further your journey of discovery.

The basic MBTI Personality Types Couple Package also includes a bespoke report for both individuals plus a confidential and personalised 90 minute session in which one of our specifically trained practitioners can help you understand your strengths and potential blockages as a couple.

The comprehensive package follows on from this feedback session with four, 90 minute coaching sessions. These sessions will provide you with the opportunity to thoroughly explore and reflect upon the Myers Briggs Type Indicator results, and where your decisions and personality are impacting your day to day life. This presents the opportunity for reflection, as well as growth, and you can begin to make positive change in your life.

Overall the Myers Briggs Personality Test is used to help you understand what your personality brings into your life and how it manifests in your relationships, both personal and professional. At the Leone Centre, we use the results of MBTI  personality types as a foundation on your journey of discovery, but we delve deeper and identify specific areas in your life where you would like to make changes and ignite an exploratory journey to reach your full potential – however you see it.

MBTI Personality Types Within Your Company

So How Can MBTI Help in the Workplace? 

The Myers Briggs Personality Test can help evaluate the productivity, communication and overall cohesivity of your workplace. As with couple counselling, understanding the differences in personalities will encourage mutual respect in the workplace and stimulate workplace harmony.

Benefits of Understanding MBTI Personality Type In The Workplace:

1)      Appreciate & Acknowledge Difference

Following a professional interpretation of the Myers Briggs Personality Test, we come to decipher individual’s thought processes, habits and ensuing behaviours. This can be an incredibly enlightening experience as you can see the world from a brand new perspective. If this is fully embraced, you can come away with an appreciation for your differences and recognise that relationships would not be as productive or stimulating without them.

It is important to remember that no one personality type is superior to the other, as every type is equal. It is best to think of the MBTI as a level spectrum, in which everyone has their own unique spot.

2)      Improved Teamwork

Understanding how your colleague's tick is crucial in creating great team performance. Certain MBTI personality types are more likely to experience conflict, ‘P’ or ‘J’ for example. There will be frustration at the lack of decisiveness from this one person who in turn will be annoyed that others are pushing them so hard. Recognising these differences mean that the workplace can structure their teams accordingly for the most productive dynamics.  

3)       Improved Hierarchical Relationships

Recognising your manager's thought and decision making process will mean that you can perform your role as he/she might expect. Understanding how they like to consume their information; how creative they are will allow you to find a place in the specific dynamic. More specifically, an insight to your boss’ MBTI personality types will mean you can figure out how best to compliment them and perhaps improve your worth and potential in that workplace.

4)      Understand Your Role

Myers Briggs Personality Test can absolutely help you recognise why you might be feeling frustrated and unhappy in your role. For example, if your workplace is concentrated with complimentary personality types whilst the results indicate you are a contrasting personality type, you can begin to understand why you might feel out of place. This asymmetrical dynamic can affect the workplace culture, and despite the role being perfect, your values and processes are at odds. Acknowledging these results can encourage you to move on or make critical and strategic decisions, without animosity or misplaced contempt.

Workplace MBTI From Leone Centre

Our Team Package sessions are designed to offer insights on an individual basis as well as at a team level. Leone Centre’s certified practitioners can interpret the results of your team’s individual MBTI results and compile strategies or offer insights to help your team communicate better or improve workplace harmony.

Struggling to communicate, delegate or succeed in your workplace, even if in previous situations you have not experienced these struggles, can all be explored in our MBTI team package, or in further detail with our Executive and Workplace-based counselling services.

We look to help you implement long term, effective change and understanding. Get in touch to enquire about any of our Myers Briggs Personality Test packages.