Counselling in City of London


Counselling in City of London

The Leone Centre provides counselling across the city of London to workers and residents, offering a wide range of counselling and consultancy services along with the alternative and highly effective option of online therapy.

Whatever your needs, our expertly trained team can offer a wide range of counselling and psychotherapy services. Our services include marriage counselling and couples counselling, relationship therapy, systemic family therapy, individual counselling and counselling for trauma using EMDR and Brainspotting methods, psychosexual Therapy, mindfulness, CBT, eating disorders and many more.

Individual Psychotherapy & Counselling

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Individual counselling and psychotherapy is a great option for individuals suffering with anxietydepression, co-dependency, severe stress, loss and bereavement, sexual and physical abuse, trauma, early childhood issues, work related issues, relationshipslow self-esteem and feeling at a standstill in life.

Using therapeutic approaches such as mindful therapy and transactional analysis our therapists with help you to feel safe and comfortable to talk through your issues and help you work towards a positive goal and help to resolve issues and concerns.

Marriage and Couples Counselling

If you and your partner are having relationship difficulties, our marriage and couples therapy services can offer support. Our therapists employ a collaborative, thoughtful and engaging approach that will ensure the both of you feel included and heard.

Our therapists will explore several factors that have affected you individually and as a couple, encourage long-term positive change. The therapist will collaborate with you both together to identify negative interactional patterns, discuss strengths and weaknesses within the relationship, help to build on strength and resilience and introduce new communication strategies.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is great option for families who are experiencing issues that add additional stress. Stressful situations can bring tension to family life and upset the family dynamic. A family therapist will provide support by addressing the whole family and their issues as opposed to individuals.

Problems that can invite additional stress can include separation or divorce, addiction, financial struggles, ill mental health, and / or adapting to the loss of a family member.

Families that are going through a trying time can benefit from counselling with family therapist. Our therapists can offer a space where each individual is heard and valued with the aim of encouraging more positive and healthy relationships within the family.

Brainspotting – BSP

Brainspotting (BSP) therapy is a type of alternative therapy that helps to process past trauma by using spots in a person’s visual field. This therapy method will access trauma stored in the subcortical brain – the area of the brain responsible for motion, consciousness, emotions, vision and hearing, learning, and sleep. Brainspotting works by focusing on the midbrain which has control over parts of the bodies central nervous system.

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The Brainspotting brain-body technique and is an effective and advanced form of psychotherapy. This method is used for treating a variety of emotional issues such as PTSD, unprocessed past traumas, anxiety and depression, and other forms of difficult psychological distress.

When someone has experienced trauma, related feelings can become trapped in the body, leading to problems both physical and mentally. The subcortical part of the brain typically goes into freeze mode to conserve resources for the body to be in defence mode.


EMDR is a therapeutic approach that helps people to heal from the emotional distress, traumatic events, and disturbing instances that have created physical and emotional issues that can become stuck in a person’s brain.

This therapy method aims to reprocess memories of traumatic events and make the emotional impact of these memories less intense.

EMDR therapy works in a comparable way to natural Rapid Eye Movement (REM) during sleep. REM sleep causes your eyes to move one side to another as they process events that have occurred in the day. By offering the brain ‘something else’ to do whilst the events are processed can help to make them less vivid. This allows the person to healthily distance themselves from it and promote a calmer state of mind.

All of our team have been through a rigorous assessment process and are registered to the BCAP and UKCP with the relevant established professional bodies/organisations.

Psychosexual Therapy

Our Psychosexual therapists offer non-invasive, talking therapy sessions where individuals and couples are welcome to discuss and resolve any concerns or issues relating to sex.

Psychosexual related issues might be loss of interest, lower sex drive, premature ejaculation, vaginismus, erectile dysfunction (ED), and / or slower reach to climax

Sex can be a complicated and difficult topic to talk about. Our BACP and UKCP registered counsellors at the Leone Centre can offer you non-judgement support, comfort and guidance when opening up about sex.


All City of London counselling sessions are provided by experienced therapists. Our therapists collaborate with you to implement healing, positive, and long-term change. The therapists at the Leone Centre will help individuals, couples, and families no matter what stage they are at in life. We understand that clients may have an extremely busy schedule with family life and work life, therefore we offer online counselling so you can be present with your counsellor anywhere.