Mayfair Counselling


Counselling in Mayfair

The Leone Centre Mayfair provides a safe supportive environment for a range of counselling and Psychotherapy based services. These services include marriage counselling, Systemic Family Therapy, Individual Counselling, counselling for Trauma using EMDR and Brainspotting methods, Addictions, Psychosexual therapy and Bereavement therapy.

At Leone Centre we work with a combination of approaches, including Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Emotion focused Therapy (EFT) and many more. Each of our therapies is intended to encourage interaction, partnerships, and healing. We aim to help people across a wide variety of backgrounds begin to heal and see positive change.

Individual, Couples, and Relationship Therapy

If you are experiencing feeling of overwhelming stress, anxiety, depression, and / or you are attempting to cope with a bereavement, the wide range of services we offer, give support and guidance through troubling times.

Struggles within relationships can result difficulty communicating and expressing feelings. Our couples counselling sessions can present an environment that encompasses a collaborative and attentive approach, working through and recognising each person’s feelings.

Our Mayfair based studio space gives the opportunity to reconnect and talk through challenges from fertility issues to family dynamics to infidelity. Relationships issues can affect our relationships with friends, family, and even work colleagues, not just our romantic partners.

Our trained and experienced counsellors offer sessions as individuals, couples, and families, to suit your wants and needs through difficult periods in life.

Psychosexual Therapy Mayfair

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Psychosexual Therapy – also referred to as Sex Therapy – at the Leone Centre helps to resolve complications and issues that are sex related. These issues can include general loss of interest in sex, premature ejaculation, erectile disfunction (ED), vaginismus or difficulty reaching climax.

Psychosexual therapy can use a bio-psychosocial approach, drawing on CBT, biomedical management, psychoeducation, attachment theory, and systemic couple therapy.

Our therapists provide an integrative approach to therapy, this includes psychological, physiological, sociological, and relational frameworks, always adopting a GSRD/LGBTQIA+ affirmative approach

Psychosexual therapy is a talking, non-invasive therapy. It can be difficult to talk openly about sexual related issues, it’s important to know that with Leone Centre’s BACP and UKCP registered Counsellors, you are in safe and confidential space. Our specially evaluated and hand-selected Psychosexual therapists will offer you non-judgemental support system in helping to resolve your fears and concerns.

Systemic Family Therapy Mayfair

Systemic Family Therapy offers family members a safe environment to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions. Including understanding each other’s experiences and views, appreciating each other’s needs, building on family strengths, and making useful changes in everyday lives and relationships.

Issues within the family dynamic can invite added tension to situations, such as mental health issues, addiction, grieving the loss of a family member, divorce, separation, and / or financial difficulties as well as relationships within the family home. Families experiencing these issues may benefit from family therapy at Leone centre.

Corporate Services

Through our organisational consultancy services, we can support people and teams to work better collectively and to create a healthier working environment. Our specialists at Leone Centre use systems-psychodynamic thinking approaches in order to help business executives and leadership teams. Our approach is intended to create a richer perspective and enhance management abilities.