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Leadership & Executives Role Consultancy

In almost every situation someone is called upon to lead.

Being a senior leader is often an exciting and self-affirming experience but can also be a lonely place without the benefit of a trusted colleague with whom to think or talk things through.

Consultants at Leone Centre can work with you to provide the time and space for reflection that can often be hard to find in the everyday workplace.

Systems-Psychodynamic Approach

Our systems-psychodynamic approach to individual consultancy helps leaders and executives to explore the often unacknowledged emotional and relational dimensions of leadership, and provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership.

At Leone Centre, we will work with you to unpick and understand the impact that below the surface dynamics can have on the functioning and performance of your organisational life, and help you to find the most effective ways to manage and work with these dynamics.

Supporting Your Development

Through the provision of a regular space, a Leone Centre consultant will work with you to support you in your development as a leader, and in managing the space between work and home life demands.

Our work together would be in total confidence (unless it is agreed that there would be benefit in offering feedback to the organisation itself) with the changes you want to make, and the experience you want bring to each session.

We normally work in a series of six monthly sessions of 90 or 120 minutes, in a private meeting space at your office, at Leone Centre or in another negotiated location.