Shopping Addiction


Are you spending more and more time and money shopping? Once a hobby, a fun past time, a way to unwind, to feel good, but is now it feels more of a compulsion, is no longer providing the same satisfaction or making you feel good? Are your finances suffering? Are the negative impacts of your Shopping Addiction outweighing the positive, but you continue to shop regardless?

We live in a consumerist culture, we are constantly being sold things – it is socially acceptable to consume which can make an unhealthy relationship with shopping particularly difficult to identify, and abstain from. With the right support, we know that you can maintain a healthy relationship with your shopping habits and find enjoyment and fulfilment in the inevitable act of shopping, again. We will help you to identify the underlying causes that drive your Shopping Addiction and find healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety and psychological difficulties in productive ways so you can relax into a relationship with shopping that empowers you to make choices and decisions on purchases.

If you want a highly trained professional to help you manage and re-define your relationship with your spending habits, get in touch today.

As with any behavioural addiction – we know that you can recover – no matter how long you have been struggling. We also know that there is not something wrong with you but you have likely suffered significant stress and/or trauma at some point in your life. We promote recovery through healing these wounds, so you are able to find fulfilment in the present.

At Leone Centre we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service of professional expertise and compassionate care, so you can heal from your addiction knowing you are in safe and trusted hands.

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