Video Game Addiction


Video Game Addiction. Has your relationship with gaming become something which feels less and less in your control? Are you finding it hard to concentrate and be present in other areas of your life? Do you continue to use video gaming despite the negative impacts it has on your relationships and life?

The computer industry has developed hugely in recent years and advances in technology bring without doubt, many positives to the advancing and development of individuals and societies globally whether in the gaming industry or elsewhere. Though most people are able to enjoy the joys of gaming, for some, it becomes a relationship which starts to become a Video Game Addiction, making it difficult to be present in other aspects of your life.

At Leone Centre, we can help you understand your relationship with gaming, the thoughts, feelings, triggers and emotions connected to impulses, urges and out of control relationship with gaming alongside productive and constructive ways to manage your behavioural and psychological health including stress and anxiety.

As with any behavioural addiction – we know that you can recover – no matter how long you have been struggling. We also know that there is not something wrong with you but you have likely suffered significant stress and/or trauma at some point in your life.

Video Game Addiction Counselling in London

If you do feel like you need some help and support, Leone Centre counsellors and therapists are available 7 days a week.

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Our head office for Gaming Addiction is in Fulham at Ranelagh Gardens, London, SW6 3PA. Easily reachable from Chelsea, FulhamPutneyWimbledon and Battersea.

Working Online

We are well accustomed to online. Online Counselling at Leone Centre comes with its own benefits and can offer flexibility where needed.

Therapists also offer specific CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy both online and face-to-face.

Talk with a Therapist

Taking the decision to start counselling or therapy can feel like a big step and there is often some apprehension about the process and how it works. All of the Leone Centre counsellors and therapists are experienced, accredited and highly professional.

At the Leone Centre we can help you to choose a therapist, book your appointment and explain the process. Alternatively, if you are ready to get started, you can book directly.

If you do feel like you need some help and support, Leone Centre counsellors and therapists are available 7 days a week. Call us on 020 3930 1007.

We can offer in-person appointments at our head office in Fulham and Kensington. We also service Victoria, Putney, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and City of London.

In addition, we offer Online Counselling wherever in the world you are located, should this better fit around your existing commitments or if you are not able to attend an in-person appointment.