Eating Disorders & Food Addiction Therapy


Is your relationship with food causing you distress? Has your relationship with food become destructive on some level? Feel out of control of your eating patterns? Do you want to change your relationship with your eating habits but find yourself repeating the same cycles? Do you use food or control over your eating as a comfort, a way to soothe or satisfy needs other than hunger?

As with any addictive behaviour where the goal of recovery is not a view of total abstinence, finding a healthy relationship with food can be challenging and feel impossible at times. At Leone Centre, we will work with you to re-establish your natural ability to eat in connection with your intuitive appetite by delving in to understand your relationship with food, learn to empower yourself, develop healthy coping strategies so you can live a fulfilled life with a refreshed relationship with food.

We work with the ‘well-known’ eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder though from our years of experience we know that it isn’t always as simple as one or the other and disordered eating can fall anything around and in-between. The main importance for us is that you develop and can maintain a relationship with food that nourishes you physically, emotional and psychosocially and isn’t compromising any other area of your life.

We work integratively to work with your symptoms, prepare you realistically for the journey ahead, and will stay with you on that journey. Once eating symptoms are addressed the underlying problems usually become a lot clearer, and conscious choices can be made to shape your future for the better.

We know that, given the right professional support, you will be able to recover and get in touch with the natural equilibrium of your body and natural eating to maintain a healthy and fulfilling life and weight, as a consequence.

If using food as a crutch to manage psychological difficulties, to regulate your emotions, stress, anxieties and difficult relationships is something you struggle with, we encourage you to reach out to us today. We know just how difficult this can be – with an experienced professional gently an assessment will be carried out to understand how they can best help you.

We work integratively at Leone Centre, working with the here and now as well as identifying past experiences that have shaped your relationship with food to find a place of acceptance and compassion for yourself as well as healthy coping strategies to replace the need to over eat. We know how hard it can be – our therapists are specially trained to help you manage your relationship with food so you can re-engage your energy where feels important to you.

Eating Disorders are often misunderstood and perception in society and the media are usually nothing like reality. The knock-on distress they can cause family and friends can be difficult and leave you feeling helpless. We work with families of loved ones suffering to support you to manage your own response to helping yourself and your loved one in a healthy, supportive, practical and emotional way.

As with any form of addiction – we know that you can recover – no matter how long you have been struggling. We also know that there is not something wrong with you but you have likely suffered significant stress and/or trauma at some point in your life. We promote recovery through healing these wounds, so you are able to find fulfilment in the present.

At Leone Centre we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service of professional expertise and compassionate care, so you can heal from your addiction knowing you are in safe and trusted hands. We offer therapy services in Putney, Fulham, Victoria and Wimbledon. To enquire, please call, e-mail or use the online booking tool to book an assessment or a free consultation today.