"The healthiest and most successful people are those who connect to support in their relationships."

Our Services

At Leone Centre, we are pleased to offer a number of counselling and consultancy services across both personal and corporate concerns. Each service is carefully crafted and adapted to every individual, couple or organisation, providing support to people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Each of our therapies and consultancy services is geared towards promoting communication, collaboration, healing and evolution. We provide a safe, non-judgemental and understanding environment. Our range of services include:

Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy 

Our Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy service offers therapy for any person seeking support for a number of issues.

Starting counselling is not just an investment to deal with trouble. Therapy and coaching is very much something that wise, talented and professional people do.

Challenges often can carry an opportunity to enrich life experience and understanding. We provide a relaxed and secure space where you can shift your level of awareness and understanding to take a more expansive view of life.

We offer support for challenges such as anxiety, stress, depression, self-confidence and addiction, as well as bereavement and loneliness.  

Couple Counselling 

Our couple counselling services are geared towards anyone who might have found themselves within a difficult or struggling relationship. Couples often function under the belief that whichever problems they encounter, they must handle them alone.

With the help of our specially-trained couple counsellors, our clients can build a safe and collaborative space where they can look at their deep-rooted feelings as to why the relationship may not be working and come up with solutions on how to improve or solve these concerns. 

Corporate Services 

Corporate environments are unique and for this reason, we tailor each of our corporate services specifically to our client’s requirements. We help to supply businesses with the support required to thrive under pressure in the ever-changing and dynamic corporate climate. 

Whether those in charge are in need of emotional support following organisational challenges, or employees require help with anxiety management, confidence building or speaking in public, we utilise a number of different coaching styles dependant on the individual needs of the company and employees.

Divorce Counselling 

Going through separation can be an incredibly lonely process, especially when each individual doesn’t have the adequate support that they need. Leone Centre’s divorce counselling services ensure that our clients feel supported and listened to when it matters most. 

Providing support for couples who are going through a divorce or for individuals navigating the immediate aftermath, we offer help for carrying the burden of emotional, legal and financial stress that may occur following the separation.

Marriage Counselling 

Problems within a marriage can benefit from support to gain a perspective and understanding of the root cause of the issue.

As part of our service offering, we provide professional marriage counselling to act as a support network to help aid better communication between the couple.

We help couples to work on areas such as infertility, adoption, step-parenting, conflict, dissatisfaction, affairs, communication and more. 

Comprehensive Energy Work 

At Leone Centre, we offer the latest non-verbal, body-oriented therapy called Comprehensive Energy Work, to effectively focus on traumas that are experienced during a lifetime. The techniques, according to the latest neuroscience findings, provide positive change through holistic treatments and include the Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrix Re-Imprinting and Reconnective Healing.

Leadership & Executives Role Consultancy 

Working as a leader within any business is often considered a glamorous and highly rewarding position however it isn’t without its challenges. Support for any potential worries or concerns can prevent feelings of isolation and reduce the effects of stress, which is why we are proud to offer consultancy for leaders and executives.

Our Leadership & Executive Role Consultancy offers an approach rooted in the Tavistock tradition. Our systems-psychodynamic model creates a unique depth of perspective, learning and development that greatly amplifies a leader’s abilities and potential. Most of our clients leave our sessions with a tangible action plan underpinned by a better understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world of work. 

Relationship Counselling 

Here at Leone Centre, we have always held the belief that the quality of our relationships determines how happy we are in life. This belief is something that we very much carry through our range of services, specifically our relationship counselling

We help all couples work through their problems, helping them to understand the reasons as to why these may be developing. With proper support throughout each session, couples have the opportunity to air any grievances, express concerns and ultimately improve their wellbeing and situation. 

Organisation Consultancy 

While businesses often employ talented individuals, ensuring that they work well together in a team isn’t always simple. Groups of employees need common goals, a sense of purpose as a team and a way of working together in order to thrive. 

Using our adaptive approach, we help to detect and rectify any struggling dynamics that may be developing within a team and provide full diagnostics, intervention and evaluation to promote a better working environment.

Use each of the interactive links to find out more information about each of the counselling services. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team directly, you can contact us on 0333 987 5234 where you are guaranteed a confidential and prompt response. 

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services including counselling, couple counselling, energy psychology and organisational consultancy to individuals, couples and teams across Central London and beyond.

Our counselling Central London services cover a range of concerns or challenges including loss of libido following infidelity, insomnia due to stress within your professional life, addictions or harmful coping mechanisms and so much more. We fully understand that personal concerns manifest differently in everyone; our adaptive sessions can help attend to the specific issues impacting on your emotional mental health or relationship.

Physiological symptoms of stress and burnout are common challenges of modern life, and each of our associates has experience in providing support for any issues.

Our energy therapies promote positive mental and emotional wellbeing through a holistic healing process. Our energy healing therapies are available either alone, or within an integrated programme of other therapies.

We may also utilise an MBTI questionnaire to build a foundational understanding of your personality type. This provides a base from which we can work with you to determine a route forward. We can apply this to any of our other counselling services, including corporate, individual and couples counselling.

At Leone Centre, our associates’ welcome people from all walks of life; regardless of your sexual orientation, marriage status and more. We are also able to offer counselling sessions in a range of languages, including English, Italian, German and Farsi.

To discuss an initial appointment for counselling central London or to arrange an online counselling session, get in touch with Leone Centre today!