Is Online Therapy via Zoom as Effective?

Posted September 30, 2021 by Cristina Vrech

Cristina Vrech - Individual and couples therapist

Cristina Vrech

Founder and Director - Individual & Couple Therapist, Corporate Services

Co-founder and director of Leone Centre, Cristina Vrech, has 20+ years of experience in working and supporting people, 14+ years of extensive experience as a therapist and offers valuable knowledge to individuals and couples. Prior to being a therapist, she worked in the financial sector.

Cristina takes a down-to-earth and direct approach across the landscapes of relationships, communication, stress, infidelity, confidence, loneliness, addiction, separation and divorce, IVF, and anxiety.

Offering Online Counselling and in person counselling.

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Is Online Relationship Counselling for you?

Online counselling and mental health services have become more and more popular over the last few years. From the comfort of our homes, we have access to private conversations with doctors and therapists

While most online counselling and mental health services focus on providing care to individuals, online couples’ therapy is also available and becoming increasingly popular. Several studies have suggested that online couple’s therapy can be as effective as in-person therapy, permitting you’re speaking to an experienced marriage counsellor or psychotherapist.

Online couples counselling is making it possible for everyone in a relationship to take part in therapy sessions from wherever they happen to be in the world.

When people decide to opt for couple therapy online, they can search for an experienced, reputable and effective relationship therapy service to connect with in a secure and confidential way and from the comfort of their own home. Searching for online therapy and online relationship counselling can often feel less stressful because there isn’t as much direct contact, providing  everyone with a way to find the help they need.

How Does Online Couples Therapy Work?

Online therapy is, to a great degree, like therapy you’d get from an in-person session, only your conversations take place online. Online therapy for couples is similar, only both partners are present and the goal is to improve their relationship together.

During sessions, a therapist will guide the couple through exercises and communication practices. The goal is to help them improve the relationship by increasing or renewing the friendship aspect, enhancing their intimacy through deeper emotional connection, and improve communication and by offering techniques for constructively handling conflict.

A therapist facilitates sessions by guiding the conversation and asking the couple questions helping them reach agreement and understanding. Usually, each partner is given a chance to talk about their concerns and complaints while the other one actively listens. 

As for all forms of therapy, it’s up to you and your partner how many sessions you decide to have, with the help of your therapist’s recommendation. 

Online Counselling on Zoom

What Are the Benefits of Online Couples Therapy?


Online couples’ counselling has brought more flexibility to couples across the globe who desire to navigate their relationship with the help of a professional. Online couples counselling and psychotherapy makes it far easier to book appointments at a time that suits you. It also means you can do counselling as a couple even when you are in separate locations. 

When the commuting aspect is out of the picture it allows for easier scheduling. When something just fits better with your schedule, it’s easier to persist.


Walking into a new experience, in a foreign space, expressing personal issues with someone you never met is not always easy. Although therapy it’s still a difficult process, being in the safe space of your home might be helpful.
With online counselling, the environment is far less intimidating and it doesn’t feel as confrontational, making it much easier for couples to properly open up and move past the issues that are negatively affecting the relationship.

Making long-distance relationship counselling possible

If you’re in a long-distance relationship and unable to consistently participate in a face-to-face therapy, online couples’ therapy might be for you.

Note that in some cases the goal or outcome of couples’ therapy is to help you understand whether it best to end the relationship. In cases where the relationship is not necessarily unhealthy but might be better ended, couples’ therapy can help you amicably separate.

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What Are the Potential Downsides?

It’s harder to read body language

With online sessions, there’s a limited understanding of body language and interaction specific to in-person behaviours. While some body language can still be read through a screen, some important cues might be missed by your therapist.

The risk of getting interrupted

Distractions and interruptions are more likely to take place. Some might speak more quietly or with more hesitation if they live with others or have children for fear of being overheard. All these factors can impact the flow of your session.

It might feel less intimate

Because you’re communicating through a screen, sessions could feel less personal. This might make it harder to open up with your therapist and make yourself vulnerable.

Online Counselling at Leone Centre

Why Should I Choose Couples Counselling at Leone Centre

Leone Centre experienced Couples Counsellors, offer therapy in London and Online, helping you to improve your relationships. 

Our therapists remain neutral — we don’t take sides. We help by identifying and assessing behavioural patterns in relationships and through encouraging fair, balanced communication between both partners. All discussions in counselling are handled sensitively and, of course, discussions with your therapist are always confidential.

Leone Centre provides online and in-person couples counselling, marriage guidance counselling and professional relationship therapy online and at our practices in London. To book your first meeting with one of our relationship counsellors, call us on 020 3930 1007 or you may book your first appointment online.