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Activity Scheduling

Activity Scheduling

Activity scheduling is a key part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), designed to help individuals engage in meaningful activities that can improve mood and overall mental well-being.

Common Challenges

Individuals often face challenges such as:

  1. Difficulty finding motivation for daily tasks
  2. Feelings of depression or anxiety preventing engagement in activities
  3. Struggling with establishing a routine

Activity Scheduling Explained

Activity scheduling involves planning and organising activities that are enjoyable and rewarding, aimed at tackling negative moods and increasing engagement in helpful behaviours. Key features include:

  1. Structured approach to increase activity levels
  2. Focus on balancing pleasurable and necessary activities
  3. Customised schedules to fit individual preferences and needs

Benefits of activity scheduling include:

  1. Improved mood and reduced feelings of depression
  2. Better time management and routine establishment
  3. Heightened sense of accomplishment and motivation

Understanding Activity Scheduling

Activity scheduling is a therapeutic approach used in CBT to help individuals systematically plan and engage in activities that can improve their mood and overall mental health. By identifying and incorporating activities that bring a sense of structure or pleasure, individuals can break the cycle of inactivity and negative thinking.


Engaging in regular, planned activities can lead to significant improvements in mental health. It helps to reduce the impact of depression by promoting engagement in helpful experiences and providing a sense of structure and purpose.


To create and follow an activity schedule, individuals can:

  1. Identify activities that are enjoyable or necessary
  2. Plan these activities into a daily or weekly schedule
  3. Monitor progress and adjust the schedule as needed
  4. Reflect on the beneficial impact of these activities on mood and well-being


What is activity scheduling in CBT?
Activity scheduling is a therapeutic approach in CBT that involves planning and engaging in meaningful activities to improve mood and mental well-being.
How does activity scheduling help with depression?
By encouraging engagement in enjoyable and necessary activities, activity scheduling helps to break the cycle of inactivity and negative thinking that often accompanies depression.
What types of activities should be included in an activity schedule?
Activities should include a balance of pleasurable and necessary tasks which meet the individual’s preferences and needs.


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