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Body image issues in psychosexual therapy

Body image issues

Body image concerns are common in psychosexual therapy, impacting one’s confidence and intimate relationships. Body image refers to the perception one has of their physical self and the thoughts and feelings that result from that perception. These issues can significantly impact one’s mental health and intimate relationships.

Common concerns

  • Low self-esteem and its effect on intimacy
  • Anxiety related to physical appearance
  • Impact of societal standards on personal relationships

Therapeutic features and benefits

Psychosexual therapy helps individuals address and overcome body image concerns, encourage a healthier self-image and improving intimacy. Benefits include:

  • Enhances understanding of body image issues
  • Highlights the therapeutic approach to addressing these concerns
  • Emphasises the importance of a supportive and non-judgmental environment

Therapeutic process

The process involves exploring personal feelings about body image, understanding the impact of societal standards, and developing a more affirming self-view through guided therapeutic practices.


What are body image issues?
Body image issues involve negative perceptions and feelings about one’s physical appearance, which can affect self-esteem and personal relationships.
How can psychosexual therapy help with body image issues?
Psychosexual therapy provides a supportive environment to explore and address body image concerns, helping individuals develop a healthier self-image and improve their intimate relationships.
Who can benefit from psychosexual therapy for body image issues?
Anyone experiencing negative thoughts and feelings about their body that impact their mental health or intimate relationships can benefit from psychosexual therapy.


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This glossary provides definitions of various counselling terms and approaches for informational purposes only, without implying endorsement or service provision