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Cognitive interweave in EMDR

Cognitive interweave

Cognitive interweave in EMDR is a method used within the framework of eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. This method helps individuals process traumatic memories by integrating cognitive and narrative elements into the therapeutic process.

Trauma processing

Many individuals struggle with processing traumatic memories, which can result in various psychological challenges. Cognitive interweave offers an additional layer of support within EMDR to address these difficulties, providing clients with a structured approach to reframe and resolve traumatic experiences.

It involves the therapist introducing cognitive and narrative elements to help the client understand and reframe traumatic memories. This approach aids in breaking down cognitive blocks and enhances the overall usefulness of EMDR therapy.

Key features and benefits

  1. Enhances the processing of traumatic memories
  2. Provides a structured approach to address cognitive blocks
  3. Supports clients in reframing and understanding their experiences
  4. Improves the overall outcomes of EMDR therapy

How it helps

This aids clients by offering alternative perspectives and cognitive reframing during EMDR sessions. It helps to dismantle unhelpful thought patterns and supports clients in gaining new insights into their traumatic experiences.

How it works

During an EMDR session, the therapist may use cognitive interweave to introduce new information, perspectives, or cognitive challenges. This intervention helps clients reprocess memories in a way that integrates their cognitive understanding with their emotional processing.


What is cognitive interweave in EMDR?
Cognitive interweave is a method used in EMDR therapy to help clients process traumatic memories by integrating cognitive and narrative elements.
When is cognitive interweave used?
This is used when standard EMDR processing is insufficient or when clients encounter cognitive blocks during therapy.
How does cognitive interweave enhance EMDR therapy?
It provides alternative perspectives and cognitive reframing, helping clients understand and reframe their traumatic experiences.

Further assistance

For more information on how cognitive interweave can be integrated into your EMDR therapy, get in touch with the Leone Centre.


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