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Couples Sexual Counselling in Psychosexual Therapy

Couples Sexual Counselling

Couples sexual counselling within psychosexual therapy addresses various aspects of sexual health and intimacy, helping partners work through challenges and improve their relationship. This form of therapy is instrumental in developing deeper connections and understanding between couples.

About couples sexual counselling

Couples sexual counselling is a specialised form of therapy focusing on the sexual and emotional dynamics within a relationship. It aims to address and resolve issues that may be affecting the couple’s intimacy and overall relationship satisfaction.

Common challenges

Typical issues couples face that are addressed in this type of counselling include:

  1. Communication breakdowns
  2. Mismatched sexual desires
  3. Sexual dysfunctions
  4. Emotional disconnection
  5. Intimacy barriers

Understanding couples sexual counselling

Couples sexual counselling in psychosexual therapy involves:

  1. The role of a psychosexual therapist
  2. Common methods and approaches used in therapy
  3. Benefits of addressing sexual and emotional concerns together
  4. Importance of a safe and open environment for discussions

Sessions are adapted to fit the couple’s schedule, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

How therapy can help

Engaging in couples sexual counselling can lead to:

  1. Improved communication between partners
  2. Enhanced intimacy and connection
  3. Resolution of sexual issues and dysfunctions
  4. Better understanding of each other’s needs and desires

How therapy works

The process involves:

  1. An initial consultation to understand the issues at hand
  2. Ongoing sessions where various therapeutic practices are applied
  3. Creation of a safe space for open and honest discussions
  4. Continuous evaluation and adjustment of therapeutic approaches to suit the couple’s progress


What is couples sexual counselling?
It is a form of therapy that focuses on addressing sexual and emotional issues within a relationship to enhance intimacy and connection.
How long does it take to see results?
The timeframe varies depending on the couple’s specific issues and their commitment to the therapy process. Some may see improvements in a few sessions, while others may require a longer period.
Is the therapy confidential?
Yes, all sessions are conducted in a confidential manner, ensuring that both partners feel safe to express their concerns and feelings.


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