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Low libido in psychosexual therapy

Low libido

Low libido, or a decreased interest in sexual activity, can be a complex issue with various causes. Psychosexual therapy offers a path to uncovering underlying factors and encouraging healthier sexual relationships.

Common challenges

  1. Emotional and psychological factors affecting libido
  2. Relationship dynamics contributing to low sexual desire
  3. Physical health conditions impacting libido
  4. Effects of stress and lifestyle on sexual interest

Therapeutic approach

Psychosexual therapy explores the complex nature of low libido. Therapists use a holistic approach to explore emotional, relational, and physical aspects contributing to low libido, facilitating open communication and understanding between partners.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation of emotional and psychological factors
  2. Exploration of relationship dynamics
  3. Consideration of physical health influences
  4. Emphasis on open communication and mutual understanding

Convenience and flexibility:

  1. Personalised therapeutic approaches
  2. Sessions adapted to individual and couple needs
  3. Flexible scheduling options

About low libido

Low libido refers to a reduced interest in sexual activity, which can be influenced by a range of psychological, relational, and physical factors.

How therapy helps

Psychosexual therapy assists individuals and couples in understanding and addressing the various causes of low libido, promoting healthier sexual relationships and overall well-being.


What causes low libido?
Low libido can be caused by emotional, psychological, relational, and physical factors, including stress, anxiety, relationship issues, and health conditions.
How can psychosexual therapy help?
Psychosexual therapy helps by exploring the underlying causes of low libido and providing ways to address these factors, improving sexual interest and relationships.
Is low libido common?
Yes, low libido is a common issue that many individuals and couples face at different stages of life. It is important to seek support if it is impacting your well-being and relationships.
Can low libido be treated?
While ‘treatment’ is not the preferred term, psychosexual therapy can help manage and improve low libido by addressing its underlying causes.


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