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Narrative Therapy in Marriage Counselling

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy in marriage counselling is an approach that centres around the stories couples create and live by. By understanding and reshaping these narratives, couples can gain new perspectives and insights, establishing a deeper connection and resolving conflicts.

Common Challenges

Common issues addressed by Narrative Therapy in marriage counselling include:

  1. Miscommunication and misunderstandings
  2. Entrenched negative patterns
  3. Emotional disconnection
  4. Unresolved conflicts

Understanding Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy involves exploring the stories couples tell about their relationship. This therapeutic approach helps couples identify and reframe negative narratives, allowing them to see their relationship from a new, productive perspective.

Key Features and Benefits

Key features and benefits of Narrative Therapy in marriage counselling include:

  1. Perspective Shift: Helps couples view their relationship through a different lens.
  2. Empowerment: Encourages couples to take control of their narratives.
  3. Connection: Establishes a deeper emotional bond.
  4. Conflict Resolution: Assists in resolving ongoing issues.

Convenience and Flexibility

Narrative Therapy can be adapted to fit the unique needs of each couple, offering flexibility in sessions and approaches used.

About Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the stories individuals and couples tell about their lives and relationships. It aims to separate the person from the problem, enabling them to rewrite their narratives in a way that encourages growth and healing.

How It Helps

By reframing negative narratives, Narrative Therapy helps couples break free from destructive patterns and build a stronger, more understanding relationship.

How It Works

Through guided conversations, couples identify and challenge negative stories. Therapists support them in creating new, empowering narratives that enhance their connection and communication.


What is the main goal of Narrative Therapy in marriage counselling?
The main goal is to help couples reframe their relationship narratives to establish better understanding and connection.
How does Narrative Therapy differ from other forms of marriage counselling?
Narrative Therapy focuses specifically on the stories couples tell about their relationship, aiming to reframe these stories for meaningful change.
Can Narrative Therapy help with long-standing issues?
Yes, by addressing and reshaping entrenched negative narratives, couples can resolve long-standing issues and improve their relationship.


For more information on Narrative Therapy in marriage counselling, see the following sources:

  1. Psychology Today – Narrative Therapy
  2. Good Therapy – Narrative Therapy
  3. Positive Psychology – Narrative Therapy
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