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Sexual education in psychosexual therapy

Sexual education

Sexual education is an important component of psychosexual therapy, offering individuals and couples the knowledge and insights necessary to develop affirming sexual relationships and personal well-being.

Common challenges

Sexual education in psychosexual therapy addresses several common issues:

  1. Lack of knowledge about sexual health
  2. Misconceptions and myths about sexuality
  3. Communication barriers in intimate relationships


Sexual education within psychosexual therapy provides comprehensive information about sexual health, anatomy, sexual function, and the emotional aspects of sexuality. It helps address misconceptions and promotes a more affirming understanding of one’s sexual self.

Key features and benefits of therapy

Sexual education in psychosexual therapy encompasses a range of topics, including sexual anatomy, physiology, safe sexual practices, and emotional intimacy. Key features and benefits of therapy include:

  1. Enhances understanding of sexual health and function
  2. Encourages open communication about sexual needs and desires
  3. Dispels myths and misconceptions about sexuality
  4. Empowers individuals with knowledge for informed sexual choices

How it works

Sessions are typically led by experienced therapists who provide factual information, address individual concerns, and guide discussions on various sexual topics.

Convenience and flexibility

  1. Adapted to individual or couple’s specific needs
  2. Integrates seamlessly into psychosexual therapy sessions
  3. Available through various formats including in-person, online, and educational materials


What is the role of sexual education in psychosexual therapy?
Sexual education provides essential knowledge that supports individuals in understanding their sexual health, improving communication, and encouraging healthy sexual relationships.
Can sexual education address specific sexual concerns?
Yes, sexual education can be adapted to address specific concerns, providing personalised information and guidance.
Is sexual education available online?
Yes, sexual education can be accessed through online sessions, providing flexibility and convenience for individuals and couples.


For more information on sexual education and psychosexual therapy, please refer to the following sources:

  1. The role of sexual education in therapy
  2. UK Council for Psychotherapy
  3. Leone Centre
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