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Solution-Focused Therapy in Marriage Counselling

Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is an approach used in marriage counselling that focuses on identifying and enhancing existing strengths and resources within a relationship. It encourages couples to envision their desired future and work towards achievable goals.

Common Challenges

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Persistent conflicts
  3. Loss of intimacy
  4. Differing expectations

Key Aspects

Solution-Focused Therapy emphasises:

  1. Short-term, goal-oriented sessions
  2. Affirming reinforcement of strengths
  3. Future-focused discussions
  4. Collaborative problem-solving

Convenience and Flexibility

Typically involves fewer sessions than traditional therapies and focuses on specific, actionable changes.

Understanding SFT

Solution-Focused Therapy is a brief, goal-directed approach that centres on clients’ strengths and potential.

Benefits in Marriage Counselling

Solution-Focused Therapy helps couples:

  1. Improve communication
  2. Resolve conflicts
  3. Rebuild intimacy
  4. Align future goals

How SFT Works

Therapists guide couples through:

  1. Setting clear, attainable goals
  2. Identifying past successes
  3. Leveraging strengths to overcome challenges
  4. Creating actionable plans


What is the main focus of Solution-Focused Therapy?
Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on building solutions rather than analysing problems.
How many sessions are typically required?
The number of sessions varies but SFT is generally shorter than traditional therapies, often requiring 6-10 sessions.
Is Solution-Focused Therapy suitable for all couples?
While many couples benefit from SFT, it’s essential to discuss your specific needs with an experienced therapist to determine the best approach.


For further reading, you can explore these sources:

  1. Psychology Today: Solution-Focused Therapy
  2. GoodTherapy: Solution-Focused Therapy
  3. Positive Psychology: Solution-Focused Therapy
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