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Understanding sexual identity in psychosexual therapy

Understanding sexual identity

Sexual identity plays an important role in one’s overall well-being and can significantly impact relationships and personal satisfaction. In psychosexual therapy, understanding and addressing sexual identity is essential for developing an affirming and more fulfilling life.

About sexual identity

Sexual identity encompasses a broad spectrum of orientations and preferences, contributing to one’s sense of self. Psychosexual therapy offers a safe space to explore these aspects, helping individuals explore their feelings and experiences.

Sexual identity refers to how individuals perceive themselves and what they call themselves in terms of who they are attracted to and want to have relationships with.

Common challenges

  1. Confusion or uncertainty about sexual identity
  2. Societal and internalised pressures
  3. Relationship difficulties stemming from sexual identity issues

Therapy key features and benefits

  1. Self-awareness: Gain clarity about one’s sexual identity
  2. Supportive environment: Experienced therapists provide guidance
  3. Relationship improvement: Enhanced understanding within personal relationships

How therapy helps

Understanding sexual identity can improve self-esteem, mental health, and relationship dynamics.

How therapy works

Therapists provide a non-judgemental space for exploring sexual identity, using conversations and exercises adapted to individual needs.

Convenience and flexibility

  1. Confidential sessions: Privacy is paramount
  2. Personalised approaches: Sessions customised to individual needs
  3. Accessible support: Various formats available, including online therapy


What is sexual identity?
Sexual identity is how one thinks of oneself in terms of to whom one is romantically or sexually attracted.
How can psychosexual therapy help with sexual identity?
It offers a supportive environment to explore and understand one’s sexual identity, helping to resolve related issues.
Is the therapy confidential?
Yes, all sessions are confidential and conducted in a safe, private setting.


  1. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) – Psychosexual Therapy
  2. UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) – Psychosexual Therapy
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This glossary provides definitions of various counselling terms and approaches for informational purposes only, without implying endorsement or service provision