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VOC Scale (Validity of Cognition) in EMDR

VOC Scale (Validity of Cognition)

Understanding the VOC Scale is essential for grasping how EMDR therapy measures the strength of positive beliefs during therapy.

What is the VOC Scale?

The VOC Scale, or Validity of Cognition Scale, is an essential component of EMDR therapy, helping therapists and clients assess the believability of positive cognitive statements. The VOC Scale measures the perceived truth of positive beliefs on a scale from 1 (completely false) to 7 (completely true). This measurement helps both therapist and client understand how deeply a new, positive cognition is accepted during EMDR sessions.

How it Helps

The VOC Scale is instrumental in EMDR therapy as it quantifies the client’s progress in adopting positive beliefs, guiding the direction and usefulness of the therapy.

How it Works

During an EMDR session, clients are asked to rate the validity of a positive cognition using the VOC Scale. This rating helps identify areas that need more focus and allows the therapist to adapt the session accordingly.


What does the VOC Scale measure?
The VOC Scale measures the strength of a client’s belief in a positive cognition during EMDR therapy.
How is the VOC Scale used in EMDR therapy?
The client rates their belief in a positive cognition on a scale from 1 to 7, helping the therapist gauge progress and adjust the session as needed.
Why is the VOC Scale important?
The VOC Scale provides a quantifiable measure of progress in EMDR therapy, ensuring that the therapy is helpful and targeted.


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