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Future Template in EMDR

Future Template

The Future Template in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is a powerful tool. This helps individuals prepare for future scenarios by creating a mental image of a desired outcome.

Therapeutic visualisation

The Future Template in EMDR involves visualising successful future situations. This mental rehearsal helps embed expectations and responses, enhancing the individual’s ability to handle similar real-life scenarios. People often struggle with anxiety and uncertainty about future events. The Future Template aims to alleviate these concerns by boosting a sense of confidence and readiness.

Key features and benefits:

  1. Encourages proactive mental preparation
  2. Reduces anxiety about upcoming events
  3. Strengthens resilience for potential stressors

Convenience and flexibility:

  1. Can be practised within therapy sessions or independently
  2. Adaptable to various future scenarios and challenges

How it helps

By mentally rehearsing beneficial outcomes, individuals can reduce anxiety and improve their confidence in facing future situations.

How it works

During EMDR sessions, the therapist guides the individual to create and focus on a detailed mental image of successfully managing an anticipated event. This process helps in embedding mental pathways.


What is the purpose of the Future Template in EMDR?
The purpose of the Future Template is to help individuals prepare mentally for future situations by visualising successful outcomes, thereby reducing anxiety and enhancing resilience.
How is the Future Template practised?
The Future Template is practised by creating a detailed mental image of a desired future outcome during EMDR sessions, which can then be recalled and reinforced independently.
Can the Future Template be used for any type of future event?
Yes, the Future Template can be adapted to a wide range of future scenarios, from everyday challenges to significant life events.


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