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Intimacy Issues in Psychosexual Therapy

Intimacy Issues

Intimacy issues encompass a range of difficulties related to forming or maintaining close emotional and physical connections with others. These issues can significantly impact relationships, leading to feelings of frustration, isolation, and dissatisfaction. In the context of psychosexual therapy, intimacy issues are addressed through a comprehensive approach that considers both emotional and physical aspects of intimacy.

Common challenges

Emotional distance

Individuals may struggle with forming or maintaining emotional closeness, often due to past traumas, trust issues, or emotional unavailability. This distance can create barriers to open and honest communication, leading to misunderstandings and disconnection.

Physical barriers

Physical intimacy can be affected by a range of factors, including medical conditions, psychological barriers, and past experiences. These barriers can lead to difficulties in sexual connection and satisfaction, further impacting the overall relationship.

Communication breakdowns

Clear communication is important for maintaining intimacy. However, many individuals find it challenging to express their needs, desires, and concerns openly. Communication breakdowns can exacerbate intimacy issues, leading to unresolved conflicts and growing emotional distance.

Addressing intimacy issues

Emotional aspects

Addressing emotional disconnect is a key component of resolving intimacy issues. Psychosexual therapy focuses on understanding the root causes of emotional barriers and working through them to develop a deeper emotional connection between partners.

Physical connection

Overcoming physical barriers to intimacy involves addressing any medical, psychological, or experiential factors that may be contributing to the problem. Therapy provides a safe space to explore these issues and develop practices for improving physical intimacy.


Improving communication is essential for enhancing intimacy. Therapy helps individuals develop skills to express their needs and desires effectively, encouraging a more open and understanding relationship dynamic.

Therapeutic features and benefits

Therapeutic approaches

Psychosexual therapy employs a variety of methods to address intimacy issues, including cognitive-behavioural practices, mindfulness, and emotional-focused therapy. These approaches are adapted to the individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

Therapeutic process

Therapy sessions are structured to provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals can openly discuss their concerns. The process involves exploring the root causes of intimacy issues and developing practical pathways for improvement.

Holistic view

This therapy recognises the interconnectedness of emotional and physical intimacy. By addressing both aspects, it helps individuals develop a more comprehensive and fulfilling intimate relationship.

Personal growth

Engaging in psychosexual therapy encourages personal development and relationship enhancement. Individuals gain insights into their behaviours and patterns, personal growth and productive change.

Convenience and flexibility

Therapeutic approaches are adapted based on individual needs, ensuring that each person receives the most relevant support for their specific issues.

Accessible therapy

Options for in-person and online sessions make psychosexual therapy accessible to a wider range of individuals, accommodating different preferences and circumstances.


What are intimacy issues?
Intimacy issues refer to difficulties in forming or maintaining close emotional and physical connections with others.
How can psychosexual therapy help with intimacy issues?
Psychosexual therapy helps by addressing underlying emotional and physical barriers, improving communication, and encouraging a deeper understanding between partners.
What can I expect during a therapy session?
During a therapy session, you can expect a safe and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your concerns and work towards resolving them with the guidance of an experienced therapist.


For more information on intimacy issues and psychosexual therapy, please refer to the following sources:

  1. BACP – Psychosexual Therapy
  2. Psychology Today – Psychosexual Therapy
  3. Relate – Psychosexual Therapy
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