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Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques in CBT

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) offers approaches to support individuals in managing their stress and anxiety. Relaxation techniques are key to CBT. They offer practical approaches to help calm the mind and body.

Common Challenges

Many people experience overwhelming stress, anxiety, and tension in their daily lives. These can impact overall well-being and daily functioning.

Understanding Techniques

Relaxation techniques in CBT focus on helping individuals manage stress and anxiety. They are approaches designed to be accessible and practical, so that they can be easily included in daily routines. Key features include mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery. These practices offer convenience and flexibility, making them suitable for various situations and environments.

About Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques in CBT are aimed at reducing stress and anxiety. They are part of a structured approach to therapy that emphasises practical skills and exercises.

How It Helps

These techniques help by promoting physical and mental calm. They are intended to interrupt stress responses, reduce physical tension, and create a state of relaxation.

How It Works

The techniques involve a variety of exercises such as controlled breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and mental visualisation. These exercises help to activate the body’s relaxation response, counteracting the effects of stress.


What are some common relaxation techniques used in CBT?
Common techniques include deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.
How do these techniques benefit mental health?
They help reduce stress and anxiety, promote a sense of calm, and improve overall well-being.
Can these techniques be practiced at home?
Yes, they are designed to be easily integrated into daily routines and can be practiced in the comfort of your home.


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