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Resilience Building in Neurodiversity-affirmative Therapy

Resilience Building

Neurodiversity-affirmative therapy focuses on recognising and encouraging individual strengths. This approach builds resilience by supporting neurodiverse individuals in embracing their unique perspectives and developing adaptive skills.

Supporting neurodiversity

  1. Addressing common misunderstandings about neurodiversity.
  2. Confronting the lack of personalised support for neurodiverse individuals.
  3. Engaging with the need for inclusive therapeutic approaches that value neurodiverse experiences.

Therapeutic approach

Neurodiversity-affirmative therapy values the diversity of neurological conditions, such as autism and ADHD, as natural variations rather than deficits. This approach promotes resilience by encouraging self-acceptance and the development of personalised practices to manage life’s challenges. It promotes an environment where neurodiverse individuals feel understood and validated, which is important for building emotional and psychological resilience.

Understanding neurodiversity

Neurodiversity refers to the diversity of human brains and minds. It recognises that conditions like autism and ADHD are part of natural neurological variation.

Benefits of neurodiversity-affirmative therapy

  1. Builds self-esteem and self-awareness.
  2. Promotes adaptive skills and tools for managing challenges
  3. Encourages an affirming self-view and resilience in facing societal challenges.

Therapeutic approaches

  1. Collaborative goal setting with the client.
  2. Strength-based approaches to therapy.
  3. Inclusive practices that honour neurodiverse experiences.


What is neurodiversity-affirmative therapy?
Neurodiversity-affirmative therapy is an approach that respects and values neurological differences, promoting self-acceptance and resilience.
How does this therapy build resilience?
This therapy builds resilience by focusing on individual strengths and adaptive practices, creating an environment of understanding and validation.
Who can benefit from neurodiversity-affirmative therapy?
Individuals with neurological conditions such as autism and ADHD, as well as their families, can benefit from this inclusive and supportive approach.


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