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Resource Development Installation (RDI) in EMDR

Resource Development Installation (RDI)

Resource Development Installation (RDI) is an essential component of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. It focuses on enhancing the individual’s inner resources and strengths to better manage distressing experiences.

Understanding RDI

Resource Development Installation (RDI) is a preparatory phase in EMDR therapy. It involves identifying and strengthening resources within the individual, such as feelings of safety, calm, and confidence. These resources are then ‘installed’ through bilateral stimulation, similar to the process used in EMDR.

Many individuals seeking EMDR therapy face difficulties in dealing with stress, anxiety, and past traumas. RDI helps build resilience and provides a foundation of strength before processing traumatic memories.

How It Helps

The process of RDI enhances an individual’s ability to handle emotional distress. By reinforcing internal resources, clients can approach traumatic memories with greater confidence and stability, which facilitates processing and healing.

How It Works

During RDI, the therapist guides the individual in identifying their resources. These resources are then strengthened through bilateral stimulation, which could involve eye movements, taps, or auditory tones. This installation helps integrate these resources into the individual’s resilience.


What is the purpose of RDI in EMDR?
The purpose of RDI is to build and strengthen internal resources, providing a foundation of resilience and stability before processing traumatic memories in EMDR therapy.
How does RDI differ from other EMDR phases?
RDI is a preparatory phase focused on enhancing strengths and resources, while other phases of EMDR therapy involve processing and integrating traumatic memories.
Can RDI be used on its own?
RDI is typically used as part of the EMDR therapy process, but the techniques can also be beneficial as standalone interventions to strengthen resilience.


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