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Sexual mindfulness in psychosexual therapy

Sexual mindfulness

Sexual mindfulness is a practice that involves bringing full awareness to sexual experiences. Within psychosexual therapy, it is used to enhance connection and intimacy, helping individuals and couples to engage more deeply and meaningfully with their sexuality.

About sexual mindfulness

Sexual mindfulness is a therapeutic practice that integrates principles of mindfulness into sexual experiences. It encourages participants to stay present, notice sensations, and engage with their partner without judgement.

Common concerns

Sexual mindfulness can address several issues, including:

  1. Distracted or disengaged sexual experiences
  2. Anxiety related to sexual performance
  3. Emotional disconnect during intimacy
  4. Difficulties in obtaining satisfaction

Core therapy concepts

Sexual mindfulness in psychosexual therapy involves practices that encourage presence and focus during sexual activity. It encourages:

  1. Enhanced emotional and physical intimacy
  2. Greater awareness and appreciation of bodily sensations
  3. Reduction of stress and anxiety linked to sexual performance
  4. Deeper emotional bonds between partners

Therapeutic benefits and approaches

Practicing sexual mindfulness can:

  1. Enhance intimacy and connection
  2. Improve communication between partners
  3. Increase overall sexual satisfaction
  4. Alleviate anxiety and stress related to sexual performance

Therapeutic approaches include:

  1. Focused breathing
  2. Sensory awareness exercises
  3. Mindful touch

These practices help individuals remain present and engaged during intimate moments.


What is sexual mindfulness?
Sexual mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged during sexual activities, focusing on the experience without distraction or judgement.
How can sexual mindfulness help my relationship?
Sexual mindfulness can enhance emotional and physical intimacy, improve communication, and increase overall sexual satisfaction.
What approaches are used in sexual mindfulness?
Approaches include focused breathing, sensory awareness exercises, and mindful touch, all aimed at helping individuals stay present during intimacy.


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